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June 24 2017

30K Subscriber GiveAway

Congrats to Brittany Lowery! She won a free t shirt from MAH Gear , Free E-Book of her choice and Free $25 Gift Card to her favorite restaurant! Go girl!

October 15 2015

10K Subscriber GiveAway!

 Contest is now CLOSED! Winners of this contest went to Lorre Garrison and Michelle Black ! They were randomly selected. Both women are loyal subscribers who contributed to the growth of Melecia At Home! Thank you ladies!

06/27/2016 - 07-12-2016

I love to give back to all those who support the work at home movement!

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 Contest is now CLOSED! Winner of this contest went to KHLOE CLAY! She was randomly selected but found out she has been subscribed to me for a long time now and have been sharing my work from home resources! She is so awesome!

Watch out for more awesome Giveaways to come!!


  1. Thanks for ur great and honest site.. I'm 48 and I have narcolepsy so it's been hard to keep a steady job and I have been looking for a job at home but run into a lot of junk and no job.. But thanks to u I have faith that with your resources I have a chance.. We need more people like u in this world. God bless u 😀

  2. I want to do data entry work at home. Please tell me how can registered my name.