Content Refined Is Hiring Freelance Writers World Wide!

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For all my talented freelance writers who are located all across the globe, this is for you! If you are looking to work with a good company that provide abundant writing gigs in various fields and allow you to work anywhere then I recommend checking out Content Refined!

Who is Content Refined?
From The Company:
“Content Refined is a content solution company that seeks individuals who are customer service driven to provide consistent quality content. We produce an average of 120 articles every week in order to satisfy the needs of all their clients. Our content cuts across a wide variety of writing styles and topics ranging from controversial to informative articles. As a result of the high demand of the nature of our content, we only look to work closely with a strong, performance-driven team of writers and editors to deliver only the finest articles.
The commitment and passion of our team is crucial to our desire to provide exceptional service to all our clients. Content Refined is currently seeking qualified candidates – native English speakers who have a strong command of English along with a desire to produce visually pleasing content.”

Prior Experience or Skills?
Content Refined is seeking native English speakers with excellent grammar and spelling skills. You must have compelling and professional commercial writing experience. Writers must be able to write articles on wide range of subjects. There is also a need for writers who can perform thorough research on topics. You must also be flexible and adapt well.

Hiring International Writers?
Yes. Content Refined is seeking world wide writers. For this position you can work anywhere in the world but you must speak English.

Work Schedule and Pay?
Payment varies and is highly dependent on each client. Content Refined negotiate pay with each writer. This is a contract position and their writers are considered freelancers, therefore, the work schedule is flexible. Many of their writers work on a freelance basis in addition to their jobs and careers.

Technical Requirements?
You can work anywhere on the globe for Content Refined.To do this type of work you will need a reliable computer and good internet connection within your location.

How Do You Apply to Content Refined?
You can email Content Refined is constantly looking for talented writers to add to their team.

Final Thoughts
Content Refined is a great company to work with as a writer. Content marketing is a competitive field, and its important to be on top of the latest tools and strategies at all times. Their metrics for keywords (over 500 monthly searches, under 30% competition score) ensures that your article can compete. They also edit articles for readability and use MarketMuse to include as many secondary keywords as possible.
Based on these wonderful benefits offered by Content Refined it is a great place to start your writing career.

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