8 New Years Resolutions Every Working Mom Should Have

Nothing is more exciting than the beginning of a New Year. It is a time to start fresh, set new goals, and change your outlook from being more negative to more positive. And as for working mothers, setting goals and sticking to them is even more critical. Today we are going to walk through New Year Resolutions that every working mother should add to her list for 2018.

Less Guilt
One of the hardest parts of being a working mother is leaving your kids every day. It can be easy to feel like you are letting them down by working, or that they are feeling neglected. Rid yourself of that negative self-talk this year. You are doing a fantastic job with your kids, and they are so lucky to have you. A working mother raised me, and never once did I ever feel anything less than loved and cherished. It helped me to learn the importance of working hard, and I still got plenty of time with my momma. Don’t let society, stay at home mothers, or gender stereotypes stop you from enjoying your family and your job.

Better Time Management
I know that many of us say that we don’t have any time when in reality we just aren’t using our time wisely. If you have been struggling the past couple of months to find the time for what really matters, it may be time to evaluate. Step back and see if there are any areas or activities in your life that might need to go to clear more of your schedule. Ask your husband to help out more with chores and other areas around the house. Don’t spend another couple of months or another year too stressed out to actually enjoy your life.

We live in a very technology-driven world, but we need times to unplug. Take some time in 2018 to set boundaries for your electronic and social media usage. Instead of scrolling endlessly through Facebook and Instagram each night, take some time to play with your kids. Don’t connect your work email to your phone, so you won’t have to be overwhelmed by emails when you are ready to relax. Spend more time looking at your kids, books, and the outdoors, then you do staring at a screen. Likewise, realize that everything you do doesn’t have to be documented. Don’t spend so much time trying to snag the perfect photo or video, that you miss the moment.

Be Flexible
Being a working mother is all about being flexible. Flexible with your family time and your work time. Try to be as malleable as you can with your employer and when they need you. Likewise, don’t beat yourself up for the days that you might get home a little later than you wish. Talk openly and honestly with your spouse about both your work schedules and how you can work both of those around your family.

Take More Date Nights
It can be tough enough trying to prioritize your children, let alone your husband. When we have PowerPoints to finish and noses to wipe, our husbands are usually the last thing on our minds. Make your marriage a priority this year. A great and healthy marriage is going to translate into a happy and healthy family. Try taking a date night once a week or every couple of weeks. Enjoy having a conversation once again, and try to talk about something other than the kids.

Set Work Goals
Don’t feel bad for wanting to achieve or put your foot forward more at work. Take some time during the first couple of days after the New Year and set separate work and personal goals. Only 20% of the world’s population write down their goals, so by just taking this step you are farther ahead in achieving your future goals than most people. Once you have completed the list, stick it somewhere you can see it each day. In the bathroom, on the mirror, on the kitchen fridge. This will serve as a reminder to you as you go throughout your day and week. It will help to keep you on track, and also make you question if what you are doing right now is getting you closer to your goals or not.

Give Yourself Grace
There are going to be times where you feel like a failure as a mother, wife, and employee in the coming months. Give yourself a break and some grace when that time comes. Realize that goals are meant to stretch you, and they can be changed as the year progresses. Just because you aren’t where you want to be right at this moment, doesn’t mean you aren’t getting somewhere. Embrace your faults and mistakes and learn from them. Every time that you mess up, think of it as an opportunity to better yourself.

As you can see, there are so many different things to make us have a better 2018. What is really important, is sitting down and figuring out what is going to make this year a better and more impactful year for you and your family. It’s not enough just to want it; you have to do it! Best of luck as you start this New Year. 
Rachel is the website manager at OurStart.com. OurStart is a lifestyle blog for women in their 20s and 30s; they regularly publish content around parenting, pregnancy, marriage, and family. When she is not writing, Rachel enjoys spending time with her family and friends, exploring cute cafes, and playing with her miniature schnauzer. 

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