Make $2000 Per Month Teaching English Online Part Time!

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*Hot Lead* Make $2000 Per Month Teaching English Online!

Is now looking for English teachers to teach English online to students in China who are 5 to 11 year olds. You can work anywhere or from the comfort of your home! You will need to hold a Bachelor's degree in any field of study and own a computer. You need to have at lease 1 year of teaching experience to be eligible. Although VIPKid have a curriculum already prepared, you must go over the class materials at lease 6 to 12 hours in advance.

Offers you tons of flexibility and the pay is between $14 to $22 an hour. They will offer you tons of support and provide materials. 

How To Get Started:

2. Fill out the survey
3. Once qualified, follow steps to complete application process
4. Schedule times you are available!

Hiring Process:

Interview Demo
  • 2 questions prior to demo lesson: Teaching experience? Have you taught ESL before?
  • Quiz after viewing a training video
  • Mock Lesson after the interview you may schedule 2 mock lessons for practice.
  • Upload a few documents they will need and a profile picture.
  • Take a short video introducing yourself to students.

FAST TRACK  your application to begin earning on VIPKid

  • Join over 15,000 teachers in the VIPKid community! Learn what it is like to be a teacher!
  • Get hands on practice with key skills in ESL online.
  • Get individualized attention from teachers and practice with demo lessons! JOIN NOW!

This is a great opportunity for teachers to work from home on their own time and make full time or additional income!

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  1. I'm not a certified teacher but i am a substitute teacher, do you think they would be interested? Thanks for the lead😉

    1. Yes, absolutely. I am a current VIPkid teacher. If you haven't already been hired, I can mentor you through the mock classes to make sure you pass. Email me at

  2. To be qualified you must have atlease 1 year of teaching experience and hold a Bachelors in a topic of study.

    1. Hi Melecia. I don't have 1 year experience in teaching but really interested in tutoring. What is your advice? Are there others that accept beginners like myself? I will appreciate your advice.

  3. Thank you for this lead. Unfortunately, I'm without 1 year of teaching experience but would love this position. Would you suggest I move forward with no experience?

    1. Hi,you can attempt to apply but that is one of the qualifications. You can find other similar opportunities here.