15 High Paying Side Jobs Of 2017 (With Or With Out Degrees)

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So I scouted the world wide web to find jobs that offer the highest paying salary. It is possible to make some seemingly full time jobs into a side income and maintain the high pay rate. Work these jobs on a part time basis or they can be freelanced by contract work. Having a side income or a supplemental income is highly beneficial! A few jobs listed may require degrees because I am aware that there are many college grads holding onto their degrees yet it is difficult to land a position that will pay what they are worth.

Perhaps you need a side income to pay off your loans and prefer something that matches your skills and the degree your holding. I can relate as I have been down that road as a college grad my self! Or you are someone who just need to know your options in getting some additional income stream to pay off bills and get out of debt. And I cant leave out those who just need to cut their hours to spend time with their kids at home or to invest more time into that side business you got.

I hope the following side jobs will help you to narrow things down a bit!

15 High Paying Jobs Work At Home

1. Writer
As a writer you can get tons of gigs and work on and off line. You have so many options, you can freelance or work by contract for various companies or individuals, write for bloggers or start your own blog. Writers can make as much as they want depending on level of skills. This type of job offers you tons of flexibility and you can work any where in any field! Part time writers make up to $100 per hour or more depending on which route you choose to go. I have read on payscale.com that curriculum writers earn up wards of $50 per hour and travel writers earn the most! Definitely a field to consider. You do not need a degree just experience and good writing skills. Of course those with a degree will have an edge.

2. Photography
As a photographer you can make as much as you would like working independently or for a company/business. You can take your photography skills into so many different areas to make the most money. It is good to be flexible and creative not tying yourself down to one genre as a photographer. For instance you can be a wedding photographer, fashion photographer, nature photographer, events photographer etc all at once. So it is good to market yourself in a way that avoid just one specific area. You can also sell your photos for profit to online companies that sell stock images/photos or to bloggers etc.

3. Review Images
As an image reviewer you would work with companies that need someone to review images for the best quality. Image reviewers working for well known companies can make as much as $16 per hour working part time. Some companies will require that you have a degree or be an experienced graphic designer. Companies such as Vector and Illustration.

4. Fitness Instructor
If you are fully into fitness, you can consider being a fitness instructor. This type of profession can be done on the side and earn you a great deal of money. Fitness instructors can earn up to $41 per hour, of course to earn as much as a pro you need to know about the latest trends in fitness and be in top physical condition. Fitness instructors  are usually hired by fitness gyms or they work independently as private instuctors.

5. Marketing Specialist
As a marketing specialist you would work either temp, project basis or part time. You can earn up to $26 per hour. You would work to create marketing plans and communicate those plans. To get the most out of this type of profession a degree in communication or related field is usually required especially if you are seeking a position with well known brands and companies.

6. Consultant
Consultants that pursue a specific area can earn as much as $48 per hour or more part time. Business consultants seem to make that much or more! So if you are well versed in business and have the credentials to prove it, you can earn a decent income by providing consultations either online or from out of your home office. It can be done via email, phone or in person.

7. Sign Language
I have a few friends who know how to sign with their hands and they make very good money doing side jobs. If you have this skill along with a license, you can make up to $36 per hour. Those with sign language skills can be assured that they will be in demand!

8. Communications Associates (Online)
This is a growing field and I do not foresee it dying down any time soon. You can make up to $25 per hour on average. Your duties would include, managing social media, up dating web content, writing, creating reports for websites etc.

9. Review Videos
This is great for those with a teaching degree. You would review and observe classroom instructors and their performance. The teachers actually send the videos for you to review. You can make up to $25 as a class room video reviewer. This is done across the country. You can check out  TNTP and sign up if you are interested in this type of opportunity.

10. Bilingual Assistant
If you speak 2 languages with English as your native tongue you can earn side income as a Bilingual Assistant. An area that pays well is with in the legal field. Lawyers at time have many clients that may speak a different language and may need an interpreter to translate to their clients. You can reach out to law firms and market yourself. There are tons of other areas you can take your Bilinguals skills to make you some side cash. Legal Bilingual Assistants make up to $21 per hour.

11. Appointment Setters
Also known as Leads Specialists, they basically generate qualified prospects and set appointment for businesses and companies. They earn up to $20 per hour or more if they have excellent communications skills. This can earn some decent cash on the side and it does not require a degree.

12. Online Tutor
Online tutors are in demand and companies such as Tutor.com tend to hire virtual instructors to tutor students from k-12 in various topics. Tutors can earn up to $30 per hour if you have a teaching degree in a specific area of expertise. This type of profession can be a great way to earn a high paying income on the side!

13. Make up Artists
If you are an MUA or some one who has a natural talent in applying make up at a professional level you can offer your services for modeling events/gigs or start your own business working out your home. You can make as much as $20 per hour or more depending on your skill and years of experience.

14. Web Developers
If you are good at building websites or create appealing designs for blog sites such as word press then you can make any where from $75 to $150 tweaking and fixing websites for individuals who have an online website or is in need of a website for their business. These days you dont need a degree just samples of your previous projects.But a degree would help you to place the best/highest price on your worth!

15. Nanny or Babysitter
Yes indeed baby sitting will never run dry! If you love children and you are  good with kids then you can make a good side income. Baby sitters get paid $12 an average these days and nannies who work over night shifts can make $15 to $25 per hour depending on experience and skills. Of course you don't need a degree just excellent references!

These are just a few ways individuals such as yourself are earning side income and getting paid well for working part time, freelance or on an as needed basis (contract workers). No matter your skills you can find side jobs that are the right fit for you. Also check out Side Hustles You Never Thought Of  It will help you to get those gears turning!

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