10 High Paying Freelance Work You've Never Heard Of!

There are some strange professions that exist around the world. But so few of us know about their existence. I am thrilled to share some of these professions that are available to all of us if we can think outside the box! That is my trade mark, thinking outside the box has led me on a quest to find opportunities that are endless. There really is no excuse to be job less in this day and age.

Check out these 10 freelance gigs you may not have thought of or knew existed! Some are pretty easy and require no skills or little effort while others may be a bit out of your comfort zone. You don't have to do any of them. The main purpose of this article and few of my videos are to get you thinking differently about "working" and finding a "job" and changing your perspective, expanding your mind and exposing you to the unlimited amount of opportunities that are waiting for you to get on board!

Freelance Work That Pay Big

1. Animal Catcher

Specifically cat catchers to be exact. There was a lady who came around our area and asked about the many stray cats wandering around our homes. Turns out she was a cat catcher and she gets paid pretty well catching cats! I did some research and found that cat catchers can make around $80 per cat they catch! We have a lot of strays around MD. So if you are an animal lover and you are good with cats, this may be a side gig you should explore! There was an article in the New York Times about a woman who made a decent living catching cats so it is a legit job!

2. Couple Concierge
A Couple Concierge or Date Concierge is someone who make arrangements for couples to go on a date. They will assist couples with planning out all the details such as place, idea, car rentals, invites etc. All the couple has to do is show up. If this is something of interest to you, check out sites such as
Sparkology and Khandoodle as a freelancer you can charge by the hour. I read of one concierge who charges $12 an hour but you could charge more.

3. Golf Ball Diver
Yes there is such a profession that pays to dive in ponds and other areas to retrieve golf balls. Those balls are not free and do cost money! So this gave the rise to a pretty darn lucrative side job! You make money for each ball you are able to salvage and it may sound easy but think about diving into murky waters and battle snakes and wrestling alligators! I have read about a real life Golf Ball Diver who makes a good living doing this. It is actually a multi million dollar industry and good diver can make well over 100,000 per year!

4. Office Happiness Consultant
If you are someone who love to make others happy and you have experience in public speaking, HR and psychology you can get paid a ton as an Office happiness consultant. Yes this is a real profession, many employers understand that a happy employee is a productive one and it helps a lot with business growth. You can check out a happiness consultant firm Woohoo Inc. 

5. Selling Fabrics
Even if you are not into crafts or sewing but you have a good sense of assembling fabrics and have a good eye for patterns you can make money selling fabrics online. People buy fabrics for various projects and uses. You can find whole sale fabric rolls, dig through sales bins for best deals then resell them for a profit on ebay or etsy.com

6. Waiting in Line
This may sound unusual but there are people who make good money by simply standing in line. If you register with a company like Washington Express you can get paid $40 an hour to stand in line. Here is an article about an individual who made Standing In Line Into A Side Business

7. Office Organizer
If you are a stickler for organization then you may want to look into being an office organizer.You can make hundreds for organizing offices of big companies or even small business offices. If you want to start your career as a professional office organizer check out Napo

8. Online Juror
As an online Juror you will be evaluating cases that have not made it to trial as yet. You will simply review and give your thoughts and opinions on summaries of real cases. Your in put is then passed on to attorneys. This type of work pays way better than jury duty. You can check out these companies that hire online jurors

9. T-Shirt Wearer
You can get paid for wearing promo teachers for businesses. A guy name Jason Zook made good living promoting for over 1,000 clients with his t shirt promoting business I Wear Your Shirt
If you have a good size social following online this would be a great way to utilize your platforms. Companies will fight for a space on your social sites and offer good money to do shirt promos.

10. Dog Care Provider
Just as there are child care providers there are also doggie day care providers. And just as you do best when you become a certified child care provider, same with doggie providers. Yes there is an actual Dog DayCare Certification  offered for this profession. When you think about the important role pets such as dogs play in their owners life you will take it serious and make some serious money. You can visit the dog at the owner's residence or offer drop off pet care in your home. Pet smart I believe offer pet owners this service.

The opportunities for freelance work is limit less! You can make almost anything into a money making machine! And the professions listed above proves this! Do you know of any other un heard of gigs or work? Share them! Also check out 20 Side Hustles You've Never Heard Of

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