20 Side Jobs Or Hustles You've Never Thought Of!

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I did a YouTube Video a few months back on 10 Side Hustles You'd Never Thought Of. It is currently one of my most popular video.  This article is dedicated to readers who subscribe to this blog site. Just making sure you don't miss out on these side incomes! Below are 10 additional side incomes to tack on to the ones I listed in the video. 

These are some highly creative ways you can earn additional income or create a passive income stream! So without further ado, since I was reprimanded on my channel for rambling on and not getting to the good stuff fast enough...here is a list of Side Hustles I found by researching online and by word of mouth mentions!

*Please note, although I do my own independent research on opportunities, it is still your obligation and sole responsibility to perform a separate independent research for every listings to both determine if it is the right fit for you and for accuracy. 

20 Side Jobs And Hustles You've Never Thought Of

1. Get Paid For Walking, Swimming, Biking And Exercising

One of the easiest way to earn some extra cash. You can earn money for doing something you have been doing since you were 1 years old.WALKING. Bit Walk claims to pay you to walk. I do highly suggest you read this full review about Bit Walk before deciding to use it.
BitWalking Review

Pact App
Earn money from following a healthy routine. You earn from fitness or diet successes. You get paid by meeting your fitness goals! The goal is to log at lease 30 minute work out or 10k steps you take a day. Be aware that if you don't meet your goals you have to pay money to another user! Pretty great way to keep you motivated! The meal section works similar.

With Achievemint app you can earn extra cash for walking, swimming, biking and exercising. They pay $10 for every 10,000 points you earn. Just to caution you, I read that it can take a full month to earn $10. But if you are an addictive daily work out individual maybe you will earn faster.

This is a UK based app that is available in Canada and the US. You can use either their mobile app or their online website. People who use this app usually connect it to other fitness apps. You earn points after completing 7,000 steps, 20 minute of exercise or at a gym that supports the program.

Other Apps:
Healthy Wage
Diet Bet

2. Get Paid To Rent Your Friendship

Rent A Friend
This may sound unusual and strange but they are people who will hire others to be a friend. The reasons can range from wanting some one to show them around town or just to attend social events with! Visit RentAFriend.Com to learn more!

3. Get Paid To Scan Emails

This is a tool that will scan your emails to help you possibly receive refunds from products you may have purchased online. It scans for any receipts you received via email and lets you know if there was a price drop on the product. If it finds a price drop you get your money back for your past purchase! The stores included with this tool are Amazon, Target and other website listed in their online data base. It also scan for late shipments and help you get refunds.So don't delete those emails!

4. Sell Gift Cards

Those gift cards you have stored up can be traded in for actual cash! There are various sites that will allow you to turn in your gift cards or store credit for cash. One of such sites are Raise
It is free to join and allows you to list your card on their platform for others to purchase.

5. Open Bank Accounts

There are a few banks that will offer you up to $350 bonus for 
opening up a savings account with them. There is no harm in having multiple bank accounts. You can earn additional cash for doing this. The banks I read about that participate in these offers are
* Please read all the fine prints for each bank. Check out
eligibility for TDBank Here

6. Earn Sign On Bonuses

As I have shared with you above, it is possible to earn money by simply signing up to a company. There are hundreds of sites that offer sign on bonuses! The sites below offer sign on bonuses for first time members. The bonus may be small but it adds up! There are numerous ways to earn using these websites such as taking quick surveys, watching videos, searching the web, participating in trivia and more plus they are free to join!
InboxDollars-$5 sign on bonus
Paid View Point- $1-$5 sign on bonus
SwagBucks- $5 sign on bonus
Bank Roll Bucks- $1 sign on bonus

7. Pawn Your Dollar Bills 

Cool Serial Numbers
I came across this information a few years back 
and went to look it up to see if it is still in existence.
Happy to say yes they are and you should check your wallet for 
dollar bills that contain serial numbers that are unique and strange. Collectors on the site provided a list of serial numbers that are most desired. Your $1 maybe worth $100 or more!

8. Rent Your Clothes

Rent Not Buy
It seem as those renting is a popular way to make extra cash. You can rent almost anything you own from your car to your home.  You can even rent yourself to be someone's friend as I shared earlier! So renting your clothes should come as no surprise! There are individuals right now actively renting out their garments for up to $100 a week! Along with Rent Not Buy check out these other related sites to rent out your clothes as well as other items:

9. Get Paid To Eat

Food Tester
Who would not love to get paid to eat? Seriously. In order to eat while you earn however, you would have to participate in focus groups, do restaurant mystery shopping/dining/eating or simply sign up to free sampling sites to get free products that include foods.Click here to find out more 

10. Get Paid To Stand In Line

I know this is something we all dread, whether it is for black Friday sales or at the DMV. We hate waiting in line. But you may enjoy it a bit more if you are getting paid to! You can do this sort of task and others using an app called TaskRabbit

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  1. Great read, always looking for extra ways to make cash around the office. I just wanted to share something I've been doing recently. I run an office and have noticed that unused toner was piling up in storage. Looked into returning but that was no good. Tried out the site http://www.tonerconnect.net/ and was impressed. They had quick service and that payout was nice.