10 Work At Home Jobs That Do Not Require Background Check (Always Hiring)

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If you are looking to avoid background check when applying for a position it is best to find a background check free jobs. It can be very difficult when you are job hunting and come across companies that request for you to provide a background check. For one it makes the application process longer. It is necessary for some companies to require a background check to protect their clients or customers if sensitive information are to be shared. If you do however, have a less than perfect background such as a past conviction, it is best that you do some research on your state laws. Some states follow "Ban the Box Fair Hiring Law" it protects against criminal history discrimination. So a company cannot discriminate based on your past record to determine your qualifications for a job.

There are some opportunities that are doable in your circumstances to avoid the stress. Many who are seeking opportunities that have convictions may find it difficult to do online work because they are use to doing manual labor and it also depends on how long they have been locked away, they may not be as privy on the use of modern technologies. The list of jobs below are simple work requiring minimal knowledge ( basic use of a computer or mobile device) you can do to earn additional  income. I will also provide some helpful resources to get jobs offline at the end of the list.

Be aware that many positions that may not require a background check are mostly Independent Contractor positions.

10 Online Work At Home Jobs Requiring No Background Checks.

You can also find some companies that hire to do

These are the best ways to earn money online without the need for background check or perfect credit history. You are free to do multiple jobs to earn your desired amount.

If you have a less than perfect record and finding it difficult to get hired due to past convictions you should visit Goodwill.org they provide helpful resources to get you back in the workforce offline.
Also check out Exoffenders.net they also provide some helpful information for ex offenders.

If you are also hesitant to apply for positions that will require you to explain why you have a conviction, don't be. It is best to be fully honest and take full responsibility for your past actions. A company will more than likely respect your honesty. Also follow up with highlighting why you are a good fit for the position. For help in getting the best chance at a job check out 8 Simple Ways To Get Hired

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