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I am aware that there are a lot of writers out there that are looking to get paid their worth. And those who need that motivation to get their feet wet in a writing career. Freelance writing is the way to go because it offers you so much flexibility and freedom, hence Free-lance. But if you want to get a head of the game and get paid what you feel you are worth as a writer it is important to educate yourself and continue to enhance those skills. It also helps to know where to find the best gigs and jobs! I came across an online writing job board called Contena which may appeal to many of you.

What Is Contena?
Contena is a site where freelance writers who are in search of reliable clients and high paying offers get exactly that. It has diverse features that can help writers fetch high-paying writing projects.
There is also a feature called Contena scout where they have organized job sheet with unique writing gigs. Writers can request for jobs directly from the job board. There is extra information such as job type, the rate per word and date added which is instantly made visible.
Another wonderful thing about Contena is their learning suit known as Contena Academy, this is where you can get online courses on freelance writing. It includes diverse sections like:
•    Introduction
•    Your Writing Business
•    Writing Samples
•    Building a Great Portfolio
•    Crafting the Perfect Pitch
•    Landing the Best Clients
•    The Client Funnel
Contena is so effective to the point that you can skip Google and make use of Contena’s updated directory of publications that are open for submissions whenever you are looking for new journals to pitch. You are going to be furnished with the summary of what the publication requires, the pay rate and the link where you will submit your pitch.

Why Join Contena?
Among the most interesting and productive thing about Contena is Contena’s  alerts. This allows you know if you are being paid what you are worth or not. Contena’s rates can be used to know how much organizations will pay for a specific topic. Additionally, it’s an amazing tool if you want to know how much different publications pay their writers. This tool enables you to unravel the highest rates and set up your best niche.

Membership Costs
A lot of new writers spend ample time searching for writing jobs online, some spend valuable hours on scouring job boards, make research on publications to pitch and learn the basics of freelance writing. You can save yourself the stress by Signing up for Contena

Contena has two memberships: Gold and Platinum, the two membership grants you the right to use Contena Scout, Contena Academy, Contena Submissions, Contena Rates and Contena Alerts. The Platinum membership has an assigned coach and portfolio review.
You can make payments for Gold plans in full for $497 per year, or pay in five installments of $129 per month. While the Platinum plan is $795 for complete payment for one year or $199 per month for five installments.

Is Contena Worth It?
Many people are not quite sure if they would be willing to pay this much for a service, but Contena stress that there is nothing to worry about. You can go for a monthly package to give it a try and if you believe Contena is right for you and would be ready to commit to your writing success, then jump right in!
I love that Contena not only  provides jobs for writers but they also will  train you to get worthwhile freelance writing skills via its Academy attributes. Any writer could apply for any job they qualify for, although, if you do not know how to write a stellar email application, then the chance of getting hired is nil.

I encourage those of you who are serious about starting your writing career off to a successful start to Sign up and be rest assured that your writing business is on the right track with Contena!

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  2. I think I was too busy looking for a place to buy essays at, so I have no idea about this Contena site. This place seems really interesting and productive, thank you for letting us know!