Get Paid To Go Grocery Shopping This Weekend! (Up To $30 An Hour)

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Get Paid for purchasing groceries and simply scanning their receipts (Up To $30 An Hour). These are top companies that hire grocery shoppers in the US!

Did you know that you can earn a healthy side or full time income shopping for items at your local grocery store? You can make some quick cash over the weekend! This is a simple task majority of us know how to do. But don't get it wrong, grocery shopping is serious business! There are regular every day people currently working part time, full time as pro grocery shoppers and making some serious cash!  And there are those who are earning extra cash or money for purchasing groceries and simply scanning their receipts!

The income is unlimited and it offers a lot of flexibility and freedom. Welcome to the new age of technology! These opportunities and companies are top choices for young to middle age individuals looking for ways to make additional income! Get excited about the earning potentials that are opening up with these every day tasks! Check them out! 

Make Money Grocery/Food Shopping | Get Paid To Go Grocery Shopping  

1. Pick Up And Deliver Groceries

These are top companies that hire grocery shoppers in the US.

This company hires individuals to deliver their fresh groceries to their customers. The members that sign up to Shipt are paying members who download Shipt app and will post delivery request for groceries. You can make as much as $20 per hour. Best part about Shipt is that the customers also have an option to tip deliverers. You, the delivery person don't pay anything to participate with Shipt. You can also use Shipt absolutely free if you would like to have items delivered to you, as an active paid grocery shopper, you would still have to pay for your own items of course. They currently hire in these states: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas. But you can check to see if they have your state listed as they are expanding!

Instacart is another company/app that allows you to post list of grocery items you would like delivered. Unlike Shipt which  hires 18 and older, Instacart hires 21 and older. You will make on average around 15 to 30 bucks an hour. They do require online and offline training. Instacart is only available through out the US. It is also an app you will have to download to your mobile phone. They offer weekly pay via direct deposits.

*If I come across any similar companies that are legit, I will add to this list!

2. Pick Up And Deliver Restaurant Food Orders

These are best legit companies that hire restaurant delivery drivers.

Grubhub is a company/app that you  can sign up for free and earn money by delivering food ordered from restaurants in your local areas. You simply take orders via their app and drive to the restaurant to pick up the ordered food then deliver it to their customers. Some have stated to make $10 - $15 an hour. Seeing that you will have to deliver and do pick ups, you will need a car and driver's licence but I have read of people who use other forms of transportation such as their bikes. You also can get paid in tips.

Uber Eats
Uber eats is another restaurant deliverer app that you can download to your phone. Those who already have uber and use uber to earn as drivers can participate in uber eats. Also it is my understanding that this feature is only available in select states in the US. It provides those who already use Uber to earn income as drivers to make addtional cash as a delivery drivers. Earnings potentials are unlimited with uber!

Order Up
Order up is another great company that provide a way for restaurants and take outs to deliver food to customers who may not be able to pick them up themselves. You can work as a order up delivery person and deliver food to their customers. They are available in almost all US States and they are continuing to expand.
Another similar company you can check out is Door Dash

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

3. Scan Your Grocery Receipts

These are companies/apps that you can use to earn cash back for grocery shopping (shopping for yourself).

Ibotta is an app that you download and use to scan receipts to earn cash back on items. Sign up is free. Once you sign up and download the app to your IOS and/or Android phone, you simply select a grocery item listed on their site/app answer short surveys and watch short videos to unlock deals on the item. You then go shop for the items, scan receipt and you will get cash back in your account within 48 hours. They support all major grocery food chain stores. US only.

CheckOut51  is very similar to Ibotta. The only difference is that CheckOut51 maybe available in any store you shop and you can use it online as well. Checkout51 will only allow you to redeem or cash out once you have $20. They pay you via mailed check.

Receipt Hog is another great app that will allow you to scan receipt using their app tools and get cash back.They claim you can shop any where, but I believe you are limited to grocery stores. Receipt hog is different from others in that you can play a fun game called hog slots, each time you scan a receipt and upload, you earn a chance to spin and earn more cash and prizes. You earn in form of coins to redeem for cash.So the more you buy the more coins you earn the more money you make. For instance 1000 coins equal $5. You can also opt for Amazon gift card but you must make at lease $30.

Other ways in which you can earn cash for shopping
is through rewards sites such as:

These are just a few of the companies and apps you can participate in to earn additional income! I don't want to overwhelm you with the countless websites of opportunities to earn cash for simply shopping, so keep checking back as I update this list. I hope one or two on this list work for you, remember you can do as many as you would like to earn even more!
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