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The ebooks below will provide you with valuable information that is important in starting a successful home based business and beyond! The list of ebooks below are some of the resources I currently use to help stay informed and educated in my own personal home business adventures. They were recommended to me from the most successful online business owners. I am offering them at the lowest cost from their original retail price. 

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Home Based Business Ideas

Over 20 Home Based Ideas Included:
Home Based Day Care
Home Based Freelance Writing
Home Based Online Tutoring
Blogging As A Home Based Business
Home Based Medical Coding
Home Based Real Estate Agent
Home Based Ideas In Creative Arts
And Much Much More!

Better Business Budgeting Plan

-Budgeting Basics
-Business Budgeting Steps
-What to consider in Budget Plans
-Corporate Budgeting
-Social Business Plan
-Impact Of Debts
-Managing Business Budgets
*Bonus eBook Included "Saving Money Power Tips"
25 pages in total

Entrepreneur Success Mindset

(Regular Price $6.99)
Excellent Source For The Entrepreneur Minded:
-Why Do Some Start Ups Fail
-Key To Continuous Growth
-Tips On Internet Marketing
-Having The Right, Healthy Mindset
And lots more!

Home Business Hand Book

(Regular Price $7)
Discover the secret to starting a home  business:
With this guide you will be provided with
-Step by step instructions to creating your own profitable home business
-Strategies and tools and strategies for marketing your home business
And much much more!

The Passage To Passive Income

(Regular Price $7.20)
Learn the basics of Passive Income
-How to build residual income
-Internet Marketing
-Network Marketing Network
-Real Estate Income
-Blogging and Passive Income
And More...

The Art Of  Work At Home 
Maximum Profit

(Regular Price $7.50)
Learn how to make the most out of working from home
-Creating Stand Out Resume Profile
-Tips On Starting A Website 
-Building Exception Portfolio
-Being Your Own Boss
-Time Management
-Getting Your First Profits
And more!

Work At Home Methods Unleashed

(Regular Price $4.97)
This eBook list basic 4 strategies of working 
at home Online.
-Making Your Way Blogging
-Affiliate And Niche Marketing
-Network Marketing
-Advertising Online
Receive Free eBook "Financial Freedom Series"! After Purchase

 Identify Business Opportunities
And Make The Most Of Them

Identify Business Opportunities and 
Make the Most of Them!
-Qualities of a great Business Opportunity
-Where To Look For Business Opportunities
-Accept New Opportunity
-Identify Great Business Opportunities
-Using Internet
And much more!
*Bonus eBook After Purchase "Taking Action In spite Of Imperfection"

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  1. I would like to know which opportunties can be accessed by persons that live in the Caribbean. Looking forward to your response and thank you for the information.


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  4. I don't know. I have always been skeptic about such thing as passive income, home business and so on. I really think it's just a fairy tales for the naive and lazy people. I mean, tons of people are working hard to make money, and you think that you;re the only one who is clever? And that the book, worth less than $5 will teach you how to make money? Naaah. I'd better read a Proessaywriting.com review first. And then decide, buy such a book or not.