20 Companies That Will Pay You To Travel (Money, Free Stay, Free Meals)

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Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world? Or perhaps you already have the luxury but would like to earn extra cash to spend while jet setting and receive free accommodations? Well, this will be a treat for you! I have found some companies that will actually pay you to travel and some may simply pay for your travels! Many dream of traveling the world but feel this could never happen due to lack of funds. But the world is filled with so many opportunities and many are already experiencing the freedom of traveling and enriching their lives, meeting new people, eating exotic foods in exotic places all without spending a dime! Companies in different facets of the travel industry are constantly looking for people who love to take adventures or those seeking an escape! The requirements are simple, for some, all you need is to speak English or your native language! Check it out!

 20 Companies That Will Pay You To Travel!

Companies That Offer Free Vacations Travel Free Pay To Travel
This company seeks out English speakers to assist those in other countries such as Spain and Germany who desire to learn English. Diverbo only desire those who speak English fluently. Don't look to go on a vacation where you will simply sit by the beach or go on shopping trips the whole time.  However, you will have some free time to explore cultures and areas you are stationed in.The areas you may be stationed in are Madrid, Munich and Frankfurt.

WOOF or World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms.This is ideal for those who do not mind getting dirty and working on farms. The site allow farm owners to post ads seeking people who would like to work on their farms doing things such as sowing seeds, making cheese, planting herbs etc.Although you will have to pay for flight. You will be provided with free accommodations and food. You will still be able to explore on your free time. This opportunity seem to be prevalent in Cambodia and Costa Rica. These are more like volunteer work and typical work hours are 4-5 hours a day.  Other similar companies that will provide you with free accommodations and food for exchange of work:These companies allow you to work in various countries,
Work A Way

Adventure Worker
If you are an adventure seeker who love skiing or snowboarding and getting paid for it, then you can visit Adventure Worker and search for jobs in those areas! You may score a free trip if you are a vacationer. There are companies that may hire you as a ski rep at a resort in France! Companies will pay for your room and board and give you stipends.

YMT Vacations
This company will give you free vacation if you recruit 12 of your friends or people who want to get free vacation. Also if 8 of your friends book their flight through YMT Vacations, you will get free air fare. Other similar companies that offer group travel benefits:
Grand Circle Cruise Line
Select International Tours
All Aboard Travel
Merit Group Travel

There are companies such as Eftours that offers teachers or educators who would like to have their students explore outside the class room. They provide you with free travels for hosting student trips. Here are other similar programs you can check out, some will even offer free guide and hosting training.
Cha Tours

Reconnect Hungarian
If you were born or have connection to a country such as Hungarian then you can get a free trip back home. Reconnect Hungarian is run by Hungarian Human Rights foundation. They work together to accommodate Hungarian Americans ages 18 to 28 to take a two week trip to discover their roots and culture. This program covers air fare, accommodations, meals, transportation and programming.
Other countries with similar programs are:
Heritage Greece
Birth Right Armenia

Travel Nursing
If you are a nurse you can check out Travel Nurse. They offer you the opportunity to travel to places such as Hawaii and Florida and will pay you for it. Travel assignments can last 26 weeks and well skilled nurse can make up to 10k per month with free accommodations and meal.

Trusted Housesitters
If you are interested in looking after and caring for some one else's home while they are away, you can get free boarding and meals for house sitting. Companies such as Trusted House Sitters will connect you with opportunities to house sit around the world. Similar company:
House Carers

If you would like to teach English to non English speakers you can be provided with free travel which includes a paid salary.TEFL list multiple opportunities across the globe in various skills. Be aware that many of these opportunities are extended vacations, meaning they last from a few months to a year.

Other Companies You Should Check Out:
Aupair World -Get paid to babysit for families. Receive free room and board, pay and meals.
BackStage -For entertainers to perform on cruise ships. Dancers, Singers and Musicians.
SmugMug -Travel Photographers
Couchsurfing -Offer travelers free place to stay. Connect with other travelers and share your couch.

So there you have it, these are great ways to travel and experience new cultures while at the same time earning extra cash, saving money etc. I hope this open your eyes to the various options available to you if you ever dream of traveling but feel it would not be possible for financial reasons. If there is a will there is a way!

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