How To Get Free Clothes Online While Supporting A Great Cause!

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Who And What Is Schoola?

Schoola is a program that accepts donated clothes and sell used to new items on their website to raise money for schools around the globe. When you purchase their items a portion of your payment will be donated to keep programs such as art and music in schools around the world! Your support as a member also provide all students with low income house holds free field trips! You can also contribute by donating items to their online store. I love the idea of purchasing low cost items and supporting school programs! 

In This article I will break down how many have been able to get free clothes for their entire family from Schoola

There are 3 ways in which you can score free clothes. First you must be an active member. Follow the steps below to learn how you can be a part of their online community!

Follow The 3 Steps Below To Register On Schoola:

In order to get access to free stuff on Schoola, you must register and become a member. It is absolutely free to do this and takes less than 5 minutes. 
Make sure you are registering from a computer/laptop. Schoola website is not mobile friendly.

                                      Step 1 

You will see Join/Sign In on the top right corner on the yellow strip. See photo below where red arrow is pointing.

                                        Step 2 
A sign in form will appear. Next to where it states
"Not yet part of Schoola? Register here."  Click on "here"

                                             Step 3 
You will be taken to a Register form seen below. Simply enter your first and last name, an email address then create your password. And you are done. You may receive a confirmation email.

3 Ways To Get FREE Clothes Delivered To You!

1. Get free products through a member's referral link.

Schoola will offer free shipping now and then. Usually during special holiday season. For example in celebration of earth day, they were running a free shipping special with NO minimum orders for 3 weeks! In order to get this special, people had to sign up under a Referral Link . Once you sign up under a referral link (a link provided to you by another member) you would get either $10,$15 or $20 credit to spend on Schoola as a first time member!

 If you want to wait for their free shipping special I suggest you register and check your email often. They will email you when they are having their free shipping special again.

2. Get free Clothes through their referral program.

Once you sign up to Schoola you will automatically be given a personal referral link. When ever you share that link by posting it on your social media sites or emailing it to friends, family or associates, you earn $10 or sometimes $15-$20 when ever they purchase items through that link! Once you hit a max of $500 worth of credit, you will have to wait another year.So that means you can shop using credits only of $500 worth of items! Plus those you sign up get $10 to spend. Win Win For All!

Note: If you do not want to be charged for shipping on Schoola after the free shipping deal ends, you must make up to $50 or more on purchases ( again accumulate $50 worth of credits!). So once you hit $50 or over, your shipping is FREE! At times they may lower it to $25.
*Brand new items with tags are not credit eligible.

3. Participate In Schoola Style weekly $50 Contest!

This is so simple and easy to do! Once you receive items from Schoola. Just do a little fashion shoot of yourself or family and post your best Schoola style with the ash tag #schoolastyle on twitter, facebook or instagram. Each Friday of the week schoola will announce a winner on their facebook page!

Shop Items Under $5!

Children ( 0-12 years old)

Clothes For Baby Girls Priced Under $5

Clothes For Baby Boys Priced Under $5
Clothes For Girls Priced Under $5
Clothes For Boys Priced Under $5

Teens To  Adults (13 years old and up)

Clothes For Teen And Adult Females Priced Under $5

Clothes For Teen And Adult Male Priced Under $5

You can browse through thousands of items in price ranging as low as $3! Make sure that you read the description for all items place in your cart. This will let you know if the items are in good condition ( not worn out, torn etc.).

You are not just getting free clothes for yourself and others but you are contributing to an awesome cause at the same time!

If you would like to donate items you can contact Schoola via their website for more information.

Get $10 To Shop For New Members

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