8 Simple Ways To Get Hired!

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The search for a new job is quite challenging it is usually an extremely stressful and time-consuming process. It’s like a never-ending footpath through a forest as thousands of other qualified candidates are also competing for the attention of employers and hiring managers in your field just like you. This makes it extremely important to find ways to stand out above the crowd. Here are some tips and tricks to help you improve your job prospects—within a few days.

Land A Job With These 8 Simple Steps!

1. Clean Up Your Resume
The very first thing you have to give attention to is your CV, because it is what employers see first. The majority of employers go through 10 or even more resumes daily, and study shows it takes only a few seconds for employers to determine if a CV is good enough. You must ensure that yours is unique in order to compete favorably.
Check out your resume, and see if it’s easy to digest. Have you made use of bullet points? Have you used headers?  And so on. Finally ensure it looks tidy and professional.

2. Learn Which
Competencies Matter.
A lot of companies base hiring decisions on competencies such as grit, impact, teamwork, curiosity and so on. Have an understanding of your competencies and be ready to give instances where you have demonstrated them all through your work life.

3. Network
It is possible to network online by taking advantage of some online platforms like LinkedIn, facebook etc. If you have not done so, I recommend setting up a linkedin profile. Many companies are looking up candidates on social sites to learn more about them. However this cannot in anyway replace a face to face meeting. You can suggest some where in your correspondence to set up a virtual face to face contact by using skype. Having a contact at an organization can help get your résumé to the top of the pile. It is possible to set up a research meeting where you can ask open-ended questions to learn more about the company. Have your questions prepared, make sure the questions are to get information about the position, company and what they seek in a candidate.

4. Be Thorough
Most people think job hunting basically comprises emailing out a number of resumes and expecting the best. But there is more to it than one can really think, to maximize your job hunt, register your CV and information on suitable job sites—and put up daily email reminders for new job listings which are posted. This will likely guarantee you don’t miss out on any golden opportunity. Let your close friends also know you’re searching too, often times it really is about who you know. Lastly, make a listing of the best 20 organizations you’d want to work with and email them—even if they are not employing. Often times a speculative application could be equally successful as one which comes from a job ad.

5. Get Ready For Video Interviews
Another growing recruitment trend is the utilization of video applications and interviews. A number of companies today are dealing with potential employees through Skype and watching candidate-created video material because it is an inexpensive screening method, so it's a good idea to get comfortable in front of the camera. As I mentioned above, using video contact is a slow growing trend but works well for work at home job recruiters. You can also suggest this to an employer.

6.  Evaluate The Competition
Most popular job search sites that get the most leads will get tons of applicants. Seek to subscribe or register to job boards and job search sites, this way you will get jobs as soon as they are posted sent to your email.Job notifications another way of enhancing your chances above other applicants. This may give you a leg up on getting your application in on a timely manner. You should continue to apply for as many jobs that suits your skills. Also check my weekly job leads post for job updates!Apply To Jobs

7. Brush Up On Your  Skills
Some of us may have been out of work for so long that we may be running a little rusty in some skill sets. Or you meet most or some of a company’s skill requirement but lack in another area. You can take advantage of Free Online Courses . Take advantage of all the free resources such as youtube or even perform google search on tips to improve upon a weakness! Polishing your skills is one of the best ways to feel more confident in applying for jobs, it also opens more doors.

8. Follow Up With Companies
Of course there is no harm in following up with an employer in regards to a position and your application. You can either call or email and ask if the position is still open and if they received your application. Companies that get a lot of applicants tend to lag a bit with the amount of applications they get. So it is a good idea to send them a little nudge, this also shows that you are highly serious about the position.


You might think some of these tips may be  a long way off, nevertheless the moment you take that very first big step into the world of work your desired job can show up much earlier than you expect. Put the hard work in now and you’ll find it’s much easier to get the right job for you, when the time comes. In the meantime get involved in some Side Hustles to bring in some cash you need while waiting on that job!

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