6 Ways To Make Money From Spring Cleaning!

Spring is definitely right around the corner!

Perhaps you have gazed into your closet at mounds of items that you need to get rid of during your spring cleaning sessions! But one person's junk is likely to become someone else's treasure!
So why not sell those items you have that has been sitting around your home all winter? Some may still have their tags attached or you have grown out of them. Other items may have only been used or worn once in their life time!So before you consider reaching for the garbage bins and bags, consider these money making options available! Below are a few ways you can earn some cash from selling your clothes, electronics,furniture etc and other items. Selling your unwanted or used items will allow you the extra cash you will need to buy new stuff or maybe to spend on a nice summer vacation! Check it out!

6 Ways To Make Money From Spring Cleaning!

Make Money Spring Cleaning
1. Sell Used Clothes Online
You can find a few amazing online stores or apps that allow you to effortlessly sell your clothes and even accessories such as purses, jewelry and shoes! These are the best consignment, swap and shop stores that are allowing many like you to earn a sizable income or just some extra side hustle cash!
Top Online Consignment Stores

2. Sell Your Used Books
Perhaps you are an avid book worm who love to read all the latest books. But now you have a stock pile of books that no longer peaks your interest. There are sites online that will allow you to sell your novels, text books, cookbooks etc. to make some extra cash! Make Extra Cash Selling Books Online

3. Sell Your Phones or Electronics
Yes, if you are like me, you go through phones frequently. Phones are ever evolving and get tossed aside for the latest and greatest. Some people are skirmish about letting go of their old phone after purchasing new ones because of saved or stored data. But it is time to give them up! Especially when you can trade them in for cash. You can use a site called Gazelle to sell items such as iphones, androids or even apple computer for a fair price! They will pay you via paypal or if you want, get an amazon gift card. Other similar sites you may want to look into:Nextworth , Target Trade In Program , Amazon Trade In Program , Best Buy Trade In.

4. Sell Miscellaneous Home Items
Yes, these days at the touch of a button you can basically sell everything you can think of out your home. And this can be done with a simple app downloaded to your mobile device!
So check out this list of apps I posted on a separate blog. You can find a good list of apps that allow you to sell used items out your home! 26 Money Making Apps

Additional Ways To Earn Cash Spring Cleaning:

5. Sell Items Through A Garage Sale!
This is the most traditional way to earn cash from items you have stored up in your home.
Spring cleaning allows you to discover some hidden treasures! Literally money making treasures that you can sell to your community or your neighbors. I love garage sales, it is right up there with flee markets! For this I suggest planning ahead and starting your spring cleaning now. You may need to purchase labels, Organize items in categories, think of  reasonable pricing for each items etc. So plan ahead!

6. Donate To Charity
Yes, you may prefer to get some cash in hand, but donating is a great way to receive itemized deduction on tax returns for items that add up to $500 or more. The more items you have to donate can increase your tax refund. Make sure to donate items that are in fairly good condition. For instance you can donate used clothes from baby to adult to a company called Schoola your donated items are then sold on their website and proceeds are donated to support school programs around the world!
Places to donate:
Lupus Foundation
Good Will

So there you have it! These are the best ways to make some extra cash for the summer! Spring cleaning can be a lot of fun and lucrative as well!


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