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Make Money Blogging Blog Tutorial

A huge number of new blogs are unveiled on a daily basis by enthusiastic bloggers and those who desire a platform to share their thoughts and views on the internet. However few of these blogs are continually kept up to date a couple of months later, perhaps significantly less even move on to achieve success. There are a number of reasons for this; many bloggers are unaware of what it takes to build a successful blog. But it is fairly simple to Start a blog.
Find Your Niche
The more common your blog’s subject is the more difficult it’ll be to get followers, because all the larger, established sites are contending for the same audience on the other hand you should ensure your blog isn’t very precise that there aren’t as much people on the lookout for that specific information or you are not going to run short of content to write. Target your blog on a distinctive angle and ensure your subject matter is without doubt a topic you’re both obsessed with and feel you could possibly write a great deal of posts on.
Not certain exactly what your blog’s topic really should be? Take into account: Your hobbies and interests, subjects you love talking on and with, topics you like studying and researching.  Once you’ve decided on your blog’s theme, stick to it. Consistency is the key to getting the audience you’ve already attracted to keep coming back for your great content.

Web Hosting  (Wordpress Setup)
In an effort to plan and develop your own blog successfully, you must choose a web host, a domain name, and an application to manage your site content effectively. Deciding on a web host is the starting point and choosing a premium web host service like Bluehost would be an excellent choice. Bluehost provides one of the best web hosting services including the space where your website files would be stored, the traffic to your website, and lots of extra services such as firewall protection, technical assistance, email services and so on. Bluehost is certainly the best web hosting service that gives you great value for your money.
Bluehost currently have a feature  1-Click Wordpress Install. This feature makes it a snap to integrate Wordpress. To get started with Bluehost for your blog follow these steps:

Set Up A Bluehost Account
1. Click Here To Open The BlueHost Website Home Page
You should see home page that looks like the picture below:

2. Click the “Get Started Now
If you are fairly new to blogging, I recommend that you start out with the  starter  package for $3.95 per month, you will be able to take advantage of their 30 day money back guarantee.

3. Select Your Plan

You will notice all the add ons, if you want you can add those at another time.

4. Choose Your Domain Name
Domain name should reflect what your blog is all about. You may have to enter a few domain names that is not  already taken.

5.Fill out your account information (For Bluehost To Contact You)

6. Choose A Bluehost Package
You will notice the add ons but you do not have to add them immediately they are optional and you can add them at another time. Many do choose to select the Privacy Protection just to protect their information from being shared.

7. Enter Your Billing Information and click "submit" dont forget to check the terms of service.

You should now have your Bluehost account fully set up. You will see a welcome message page. It will have a button that says “Create Your Password” go ahead and create a password to login.

Now Install WordPress

Log into your Bluehost Account and go to C panel

Then click “Install Word Press” on your dashboard. Simply follow the steps for this process.

After you install Wordpress, You will be prompted to select your domain name from the drop down menu. Select your domain name that you created for Bluehost.

You will be taken to another page (final step) to edit your username and password for new installation.

Then click “Install Now
Now you are all set up to start earning money with your blog! Make sure to check your email for  your URL and wordpress login information. You will now be able to  log into your dashboard and design your blog. From there you can write post, upload themes and blog designs of your choice etc. You can play with the free themes wordpress provide if you do not want to purchase themes. There are also plenty of free themes for wordpress available on the internet.

Bluehost Alternative

Another web hosting service you may want to check out for great deals is IPage
they have similar features and offer instant wordpress installations. They are currently running an introductory deal of $1.99 for their basic package which is normally $3.45 per month. The set up is just as simple as bluehost. You can click on the banner below to get started  or

Keep Writing Great Content

Talking about great content, what makes content widespread and even more likely to be shared? Most of the time, very good posts: respond to a question, resolve a challenge and make your audience laugh, or even get them to cry in a very good way. Additionally, regardless of how lengthy or short a post is, structure it so that your audience can easily scan the content by making use of:
  • subheads
  • bullet
  • numbering  lists
  • captions
  • bold fonts
  • and some other formatting to split up huge blocks of text
If you possibly can develop a practice of writing daily that would be great, the more helpful content you have got on the web the better the prospects of readers locating your blog. Even though you can’t publish daily make an effort to post frequently and on a regular basis so readers continue finding their way back for more, allowing you to build a loyal target audience base on the other hand don’t blog simply for the sake of it blog as soon as you have high quality written content: There’s absolutely no ideal blogging schedule for anyone, but to reach the point where one is publishing on a regular basis without forcing it, as a rule put more emphasis on the things you get pleasure from writing about and create time to work on it.

Promote Your Blog

Of course it is important to let people know you have a blog in order to get traffic.  Can promote your blog on multiple social media sites such as facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc. You can also sign up to youtube and post videos if you are comfortable being on camera.

Join blogging groups and take part in blogging community.

No blog can stand on its own. You’re an important part of the blogging community, and reciprocation plays a huge part in your success. Connecting with others is extremely important as you’ll probably get reciprocal traffic.

Write Captivating, Head-Turning Headlines

Topic writing is an artwork on its own and it’s one of the most significant drivers of a blog level of popularity and accomplishment. Fascinating headlines can certainly make or even break your post. Take Time to write your headline well because it’s that important.
Express the idea that the key benefit in reading your blog is in some way distinctive. Just make certain that when your topic pledges a whole lot, the post should fulfill that pledge.

Monetizing Your Blog

Once you have established your presence online and is searchable by google. You can apply for an Adsense account or similar monetization programs. This will allow you to make money from your visitors and readers.

There you have it, these are simple basic steps to take in creating a successful money making blog. It will take time to build up your presence in order to reach your maximum financial goals. But if you enjoy sharing what you are most passionate about, it will take off in time.

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