7 Free Online Courses To Develop Your Skills

Online education has become a huge revolution in contemporary educational system. The internet has opened up endless possibilities and there is no limit of courses to choose from. If you hold a certificate from a prestigious university, it shows that you are keen to learn and quick to grab opportunities it is an added advantage when you are job hunting world! This can also be true when it comes to finding your dream work at home job. So, let’s go through some courses that will  help you get  ahead of the rat race in the work at home world. They will enhance your skills and further your knowledge in a specific field of choice. Some of these courses will offer free to low cost training and are just a few of many I was able to scout.

#1 Free Customer Service Training
Customer Support Training: Securing customer loyalty and ensuring turnover largely depends on how effectively you please the customers. Master the art of customer service techniques and practices with ALISON and let your business soar high.To secure the ALISON diploma, certificate or PDF, it is essential to complete all the modules and secure a minimum of 80% in each of the course assessments. Impeccable customer service is integral to business.  This course will give you a thorough understanding of the dos and don’ts of running a business. Follow the link here Alison Customer Service Training Course Duration: 1-2 hours.

#2 Negotiation And Conflict Resolution
Understanding how you can effectively negotiate to close deals and resolving conflicts is key to succeed in life. Enroll with Open2Study now and master the art of negotiation and conflict resolution. The course contains 4 modules, each including 10 videos, 9 quizzes and 1 assessment. 2-4  hours of study per week is desired. Course Duration: 2 months. The course can bridge the gap between knowing and applying and will enable you to practice the skills in your life.  Follow the link here Open2Study Negotiation And Conflict Resolution

#3 Free Typing Courses
Online Typing Course: Still not confident of typing swiftly without looking at the keyboard every second to avoid errors? Sign up for Pete’s online typing course!  There are 18 lessons to master after which you will be required to check your skills by completing three tests in 60 seconds. Follow the link Become an accomplished typist by mastering the ergonomics of typing. Course Duration: 12 week AWAI’s Accelerated Program For Six Figure Copywriting: Educate yourself on the logical sequence of copywriting, at your convenience.Typing Lesson

#4 Free Freelance Writing Course
Horkey HandBook: Carve a niche for yourself among the freelancers out there!
Train with this 5 email course and make money. This course contains 5 interesting modules and this includes the opportunity to set up a free online portfolio to showcase your work. Follow the link Horkey Hand Book 30 Days New Freelance Writing

#5 Free Transcribing Course
Transcribe Anywhere: An integral skill in today’s digital world, taking this free 7 lesson mini course can help you develop your skills. The 7 modules will help you identify who need transcription and what are the keys to succeed. Follow the link here Transcribe Anywhere Mini Transcription Course

#6 Free Virtual Assistance Courses
Virtual Assistants: This offers 2 certification programs- Basic and Specialist Certification.
The basic certification requires an 80% minimum to pass. It covers office administration, document preparation and virtual office management. The specialist certification program includes all the above plus an added focus specialization of your choice.  Follow the link here Virtual Assistant Job

#7 Free Data Entry Courses
Touch Typing Study: Take speed tests, training modules and hone your typing skills in just 15 lessons. Each lesson introduces the student to a specific set of keys. The final lesson will incorporate all keys and evaluate the speed. Follow the link Study.com List Of Free Online Data Entry Course
So there you have it, enrolling for a course online is a piece of cake- the catch lies in identifying your interests and finding the right tools and resources to  help you polish your skills. But again the endless amount of resources and free to low cost courses online will make it possible to gain the experience and skills you will need. It will boost your confidence and put you in a better position to land that  work at home career you so desperately desire.

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