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I have received numerous request to provide a list of companies that will provide medical benefits in other words, Employee based jobs. I was able to post a video on my YouTube Channel in regards to this. The companies listed in this article will provide you with medical benefits and many offer health insurance as well as 401k.  You will not be hired as an Independent Contractor but as an employee. This means that you will be required to work a set amount of hours and your taxes will be taken out your check automatically. You can go through the list and choose which ever company you feel would be a good fit.

Note: These companies offer benefits at the time this list was created. It is up to you to contact each
company of interest and verify their information is up to date. You may also want to stay posted on new job leads in Now Hiring

No Fee Work At Home Jobs With Benefits

Work At Home Jobs With Medical Benefits


Hires Customer Service Agents, Ubox Agents and Sales Agents to take calls assisting customers with various issues. They provide medical plan, dental plan, 401k and also travel insurance. They tend to have both part time and full time position. Their starting pay is $9. per hour.

Enterprise Rent A Car

This company hires Rental Reservations Rep and Customer Service Reps. You will be assisting customers with their car rental needs and resolving any issues that arises. Employees are granted medical, dental, vision and disability plans. You also get holiday and paid vacation.

This company hires Tech Support Agents to work from home. They offer benefits for you and your family which includes life insurance, extended health coverage, paid holidays, paid time off and 401k.


Hires Customer Service Reps in various states in the US. The hours are usually full time hours during day time They provide medical, dental, vision, paid vacation and 401k. You will also receive tuition reimbursement.


This company hire Customer Service Reps to work from home.In order to qualify for their medical benefits you need to work a certain length of time with the company. They offer their employees limited medical, dental and vision plans. A matching 401k retirement plan for those who work at lease 20 hours per week for 1 year.


This company offers jobs in Customer Service, Engineers,IVR/CVP Developers, Project Managers and more. As an employee you will receive 401k plan for part time workers and health coverage for full time workers.

American Express

This company hires Customer Service Professionals and Travel Counselors to work from home.
They offer their employees  medical, dental and vision insurance. They also offer 401k.


This company hires Customer Service agents as Chat Specialist, Home Advisors, Area Managers and more. They offer health insurance and 401k plan along with employee discounts.


This company hire work from home agents in Customer Service and in Tech Support. They offer their employees benefits in medical, dental and vision insurance. You will also get health insurance, 401k and educational assistance.


This company hire Customer Service Reps to work remotely from home.You will receive benefits dental and medical benefits for their full time workers, paid holiday and 401k. They offer full time and part time positions.


This company hire Tech Support Agents, Sales Agents and more.As one of their employees you can expect to receive medical, dental and vision coverage. Life and disability insurance as well as a 401k retirement plan. Dell also offer paid holiday and personal time.


This company  Sales Agents and Specialists and Solutions Consultants.
You will receive medical, dental, vision, paid time off and leave,group life insurance and more.


This company offers work at home jobs in Customer Care, Tech Support, Data Entry and more.You receive paid holidays, health care, life insurance and more.


This company hires Customer Service Reps to work from home. They provide 401k  company match, medical benefits,dental and vision benefits for full time employees (after 60 days working 30 hours per week).They also offer short and long term disability, sick day, holiday pay more.

Pet key

This company hires Customer Service Reps to work from home. They offer competitive compensation package that includes, bonuses, commissions, medical benefits and more. You will be placed on 90 probational period  and be evaluated to be consider for benefits.

There are quite a few companies that will provide their work at home agents with benefits. As I come across others, I will add them to this list. If you know of a company, please share and I will post them along with others! If this list has helped you please share with family, friends or associates who are looking for legit work at home jobs!

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