20 Legit Companies That Hire Website Testers! Up $20 Per Site!

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Below is a list of companies that will allow you to test websites and get paid for it. Many companies that own a websites will hire you to test their site to make improvements to its usability.
These companies will pay you from $5 to $10 per completed test or more. As a website tester you are offered a lot of flexibility. These are by no means a way to make full time income, but you can sign up to as many sites if you like.If you are internet savvy and love to give your feedback or opinion, speak and write English then this will be a great opportunity for you.

Get Paid $5, $10, $20 Per Site With These Companies!

1. StartUpLift
This company will pay you to provide feedback on various websites. Feed backs must be well written and informative to be selected for pay. They pay $ 5 per website feed back.

2. Enrollapp
Company allows you to choose your perferred method of testing. You can choose to test via desktop computer, smart phone or tablet. They will email you  assignments once you complete signup.

3. Testing Time

This company offers an opportunity to provide your opinions and pay you up to $50 per study.
you will be required to use Skype and spend up to 90 minutes. You will get paid within 5-10 days via paypal. Open globally.


This company will pay your $10 per testing websites.They also will pay you to test apps on your phone.


You will get paid $10 per website that you are provided to test.


This company pays you $10 to test websites and you will need a webcam with microphone. They are open to testers world wide. You may be able to test app.


This company offers website testers multiple opportunities to get paid testing websites and more.
Pay will vary and is based on project you participate in.


Get paid $10 per website that you test. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to complete a test. This is available world wide. Anyone can do this job. You are paid via Paypal.


this company allow you to test websites and apps. They will pay you $10 per test bi weekly. You will need webcam/camera and microphone to record yourself during the test. Test will take at lease 20 mins.


This company will pay you $8 per website testing and payment is issued to your paypal. Each test can take up to 20 minutes to complete, you will be given sample test initially. This company is available world wide.

This company pay testers $5-$10 based on how complex a test is. Tests can take up to 20 minutes to complete. You are paid within 14 days via Paypal.

This company will hire testers to test both websites and apps. Pay will vary: For 5 minute test you will be paid $5.For tests that will require you to use screen share and phone communication with a moderator, you will be paid $25 for 30 mins. Testers are paid within 5 days via Paypal.


Earn up to $25  for 20 minute surveys . Get paid to test websites and provide insights on website content.

Additional testing sites to check out:

14.Usabilityhub $6-$10 per testing

15.Uxline up to $10 for completing task on website
16.Userbob $5 per test
17.Userbrain $3 per test
18.Erlibird/ $10 per product testing, websites, apps and new androids
19.Mycrowd  look for bugs on apps and websites. pays testers in bonuses and prizes.
20.Mechanical Turk (Amazon) pay varies but is less than most sites.

These are some of the best companies that hire website testers. They may not pay much but it is an excellent way to make extra cash and as you gain more experience it can open doors to many other opportunities.

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