11 Mobile Apps That Pay Instantly!

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This is a list of a few apps and companies that will pay you via your mobile devices. Some do require that you install apps on your phone. So clear out those useless apps cluttering up your phone and replace them with ones that will pay you! Check it out!

11 Mobile Apps That Pay Instantly

1. IconZoomer
Requires smart phone to down load their app. You will get assignments now and then to perform. These assignments are based on snapping pictures with your phone. They notify you on your phone to take random pictures of items like shoes, clothes, food etc.then upload it. You will earn credits each time you upload. These credits can be turned in for gift cards, cash to paypal. 200 credits is equivalent to $10.

2. NCP Online
Requires smart phone device to scan bar codes of groceries. You will have to download the scanner app in order to do the assignments. You will earn credits and rewards for your task. You can also take surveys and earn more credits. Each week you are compensated with points you can exchange for cash.

3. Gig Walk
This company connects you with business that are looking to get some work done. Need Iphone or smart phone with an IOS 5.0 or higher. You will be doing contract work such as taking photos of store displays, testing apps, mystery shopping etc. Gigs pay $6- $200 depending on task and your location. Only for US and Canada.

4. Ibotta
Pays users in cash for grocery shopping. You will basically take picture of your receipts using your IPhone IOS and submitting them  for cash backs rebates. You must download app on their website to perform task. Cash deposits are deposited within 48 hrs upon receiving your receipt.

5. NPolls For Android
    NPolls For IOS
You will earn by giving your opinions on various topics such as politics, sports, brands and more.
Payment is made via paypal and it is stated to offer users 0.20 per survey. Must have Iphone device to download app from Itunes or google play.

6. Field Agent
Pays users  via paypal and pay is around $3-$12. You may have to search for task availability in your location, Once you accept a job offer which could be taking survey or doing price check on an item, you must submit within 2 hours. They will verify your submission and check for accuracy before payment is sent.

7. Easy Shift
Users completed simple task such as taking photos, doing short surveys, giving opinions etc. You are paid via paypal with in 2 days (48hrs).

8. Perk
(need android, IOS or Kindle) download app. Earn points, gift cards and more for browsing web, play games like trivias etc.

9. Qmee
Online app that allows you to earn rewards for doing searches online.

10. Shopkick
App that allows you to collect points by scanning products. You are rewarded for shopping at your favorites stores with Shopkick. You can redeem your points for gift cards or merchandise. Can be used on Androids and Apple devices with iOS or later. Qualifying merchants, Macy's, BestBuy, JCPenny, Target, American Eagle and Crate and Barrel.

11. ApperWall
This app requires you to use an Iphone or Android mobile device. You will get paid to review Iphone Apps. They send you the apps to download and submit your review to get paid. Payment is sent via pay pal. You will find apps to review once you log in and they pay varies. You can be paid as little as 0.20 to $1.53 per apps.

Other Apps That Pays:
Earn cash, free talk time, gift cards for doing multiple tasks using their app. Use Code: DKY4BR
Get paid to drive
Get paid to for grocery shopping

26 Mobile Apps That Pay You For Almost Anything!

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