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Did you know you can earn some extra side cash as a food tester? If you are a food lover or a budding food connoisseur this would be a great way to explore the world of food! It is not surprising to hear about such an opportunity considering the multitude of food companies out there! They are always looking for our opinions on their products. I have scanned the web to find companies that actually recruit regular people like us to do food tasting, you can earn extra cash, free food and other incentives.I have compiled a list below of companies  you may want to explore.

1. Sensory Testing Companies ( Online And Offline Food Testing)

Food Review Tasting Test Extra Cash

Contract Testing
This company recruit individuals to test products with their senses, they may need you to taste, touch, feel or even smell various products. They work with various food companies and manufactures  who often request them to conduct  a consumer or "sensory test" to collect information about their products.

Consumer Product Testing Company
This company is part of the Food Processing Development branch of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. They work to develop new food items and conduct panel testing to determine if a product is marketable.

North Land Laboratories
This company conduct food studies in Northbrook, IL. So it may require some travel if you live outside of IL. Like the prior companies I have mentioned, they work with various food companies that gather information about their products by conducting Sensory Testing.

You can choose to go directly to a manufacturer and request to be a taste tester, just simply contact the company and let them know you are interested in testing their product.
These are some food manufactures you may want to look into.

2. Taste Testing Food Manufactures

Once in a while Schwan will request for food testers to join their panel. You can also contact them directly about being considered for a participant in their food testing surveys. I read that their studies pay around $15 and last up to 15 mins on average.

McCormick Corporation
This is another company that offers sensory food testing surveys. Their facilities are located in Hunt Valley Maryland, you would have to travel to their location for testing. They conduct test monday through fridays.

Taste Of Solae
This company recruit taste testers to participate in nutritious food studies. They do not pay in cash but reward you with gift cards to eat at your favorite restaurant or purchase food at your favorite store.

3. Market Research Companies

There you have it! If you want you can also get in touch with  in market research companies and sign up with them. There are a few that have locations in US. Once in a while you may get matched with a food testing study
Here is a few

Focus Testing Inc.
Located in Calabasas CA

Focus Market Research
Located in Minneapolis, MN

Adelman Research Group
Located in Buffalo, NY

Accu Data
Located in Orlando FL

Herron Associates
Located in Tampa FL

PK Research
Located in Chicago IL

Spectrum Discovery Center
Located in Kannapolis, NC

Baltimore Research
Located in Baltimore MD

Razor Focus
Located in Stamford CT

4. Product Sampling Companies:

This is a great company that offers various products for you to test and keep. They will send you different free samples, many times free full size samples of beauty products and food/snack products from various companies. They are free to join and you do not have to pay shipping.

Another one of my favorites! I have received shampoos and other hair and beauty products from this company. They will send active members free products and samples to try, review and keep! Free to join Click Here

This is a good one as well, but a bit slow on sending out freebies to sample, the key is to stay active on their site, doing surveys and updating your profile. I have received a few items from them, mainly beauty and house hold items. I definitely recommend this one!

Full list of companies that will send free every day products!
Click Here

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