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I get a lot of request to do a list of companies that will provide work at home equipment such as a computer, phone service, headset and more. I understand that many dream of telecommuting but lack the money to purchase equipment.It is necessary to provide you with a few companies that will actually send you the essential equipment needed to start working from home. What is the catch? None! The only catch that may be considered is that you have to be one of their selected candidates and get hired for the job of course. You will have to go through the normal application process as you would with any company and hopefully your application gets recognition. Some times you can request to be provided computer depending on the  type of work you are hired to perform.

Work At Home Companies That Provide Computers

Apple hires work at home agents across the US as well as Internationally. Most of their agents work as employees and experts in customer service and tech support. If you are lucky enough to land a job with this company, you may be able to get a free mac computer dedicated to working for apple.

This company hires you as a Senior Adviser and will provide you with a laptop. A place for mom offers services for providing living assistance for elderly. They provide employment nation wide. You can search for open positions in your area or contact them directly for openings.

American Express
This company hires work at home customer service agents as well as agents interested in travel careers from home. They will provide you with internet and landline services depending on the position you are hired for, in some cases other equipment are provided.

Active Network

Company hires agents from various locations to  work from home doing reservations by phone and computer. I read a few articles that stated they provide their agents with computer and a headset phone, mouse and keyboard.

Hires agents to do various task from home. They seem to offer their agents lots of flexibility.They will provide you with mac book once hired for a position.

Century Link
This company hire work at home agents  for customer representative jobs. They offer their hired agents high speed internet, you will need to have your own phone service. Few mentioned that Century link provide reimbursements, so you could use this to pay off other equipment like  a computer.

This company hires work at home agents to provide customer service for various clients.They also provide agents with equipment you need to preform the work you are hired to do. You can mention to your hiring recruiter that you will need equipment during interview.


This company hire agents to do insurance claims via phone, fax and email. At times they will have non phone position openings. They will provide you with computer, phone, headset and two monitors. They will even reimburse you for internet and phone expenses.

World Travel Holding

This company hires agents to work from home in customer care positions. The offer paid training, computer, monitor, key board, mouse, phone and a headset. It stated that there is a reimbursement of $500 deducted from your pay check over time to pay off the equipment.

Citi Group

Offers work from home positions in customer service and more. They will  provide you with all the equipment you will need such as computer, phone, headset, monitor and keyboard.

Reynolds And Reynolds

This company provide their work at home agents with company car, i phone, laptop, printer, scanner even a place to sleep! You will be working with auto dealerships that is assigned to you in based on region.

Winter Green

 Offers various positions and work from home opportunities  in customer care now and then. If hired as a home agent you will receive  a computer with monitor and a headset.

Additional companies that provide equipment:

Kelly Services
Sutherland Global
As I come across companies that offer equipment and perks such as the list above I will add them. If you know of any other companies I can add please comment below! Please share this article with those looking to work from home!

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