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Today I want to introduce all On-Demand Workers and Uber Drivers to DailyPay! If you are interested in Uber you can sign up and start driving for cash!
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DailyPay offer service providers in today's on demand economy with same day cash payments for their work. DailyPay  currently cater to Uber drivers and Door Dash service providers.

Their mission states:

"To fund small business and contractors every day for services they provide in the on demand economy- We are engineers-web engineers and financial engineers- who are deeply committed
to your cash flow needs. We believe the on demand economy creates tremendous opportunity for your growth when combined with daily cash flow to support your hard work"

 DailyPay is composed of independent operators who are not affiliated  with any platform.


Not only do you get the benefit of getting paid quicker.Using DailyPay can help you earn more money 3 ways:

1. Uber drivers usually miss out on surge fares because they dont have gas to drive to surge areas at surge times. DailyPay  helps you to maintain full tank and earn 1.5-3x fare.

2. DailyPay can benefit drivers who desire to drive to higher fare zones ( NY and NJ). Drivers miss out on higher fares because they don't want to pay for non passenger tolls.

3DailyPay help you settle disputes over scratch or bump on his/her car quickly with cash to get you back on the road.

Other benefits include: having the cash to do car maintenance, wash, tuneups and paying for last minute expenses.

Basically with DailyPay you can create even cash flow by saving time and we all know time is money!

Generally payment with DailyPay would be issued within 24 hours.


DailyPay basically deposit cash to your bank account. You will enter your payment information during the quick sign up process. The money is always transferred to you first, then they wait until your platform pays you the following week into your DailyPay account for your total earnings for the previous week.This is also how DailyPay  get their money back.


There is only a small fee that range from $0.99 to $1.49 per payment you receive. If your payment is less than $150 they will take $0.99.

There are no long term contracts either, you can just simply stop DailyPay  at your own convenience and do not have to worry about any cancellation fees or penalty. You simply log into your account and hit "cancel" in the Account Setting tab.


Signing up as an Uber Driver is simple, follow these steps:

1. Go to www.trydailypay.com

2. Enter your first and last name, phone number and email address.
    There will be a referral code automatically entered. This code will allow you to receive
    Two free weeks!

3. Connect your Uber account information

4. Add your bank account information

You are all set and ready to get paid daily! This entire process takes less than 10 mins!


If you are a current door dash on demand delivery worker, sign up works the same.
 Door Dashers Sign Up

If you are interested in becoming a Door Dasher
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This is a great way to get paid quicker without the wait and hassle. DailyPay  has been around for
a while now and have a reputable company. Before I present any company to my readers and subscribers I make sure the company has a physical address and phone number that can be verified
as well as reviews from other users. DailyPay  is indeed a legit company currently being used by thousands of satisfied Uber drivers and on demand workers.

If you are interested in becoming an Uber driver Sign up today!
Make Money Driving With Uber!

 If you are an Uber driver

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  1. I'm a DailyPay client ambassador and get $100 for referring restaurants on GrubHub! This co. rocks.