Legit Work At Home Companies That Hire Virtual Assistants

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I would like to share some companies that hire virtual assistants to work from home! A virtual assistant is a skilled home base assistant who offer to do various tasks for companies, businesses and work for entrepreneurs in  administrative services. A Virtual Assistant can either work as an employee for a company or they could become an independent contractor working for themselves and seeking out clients to provide services for.

VAs are expected to do a wide range of tasks such as writing, editing, typing, data entry, making phone calls, setting appointments, tech support, graphic design etc. Depending on whether you want to work for your self or for a business, you can make $12-$50 or more an hour! The pay will be based upon your experience and skill set.

Legit Companies That Hire Virtual Assistants To Work From Home

Here are a list of companies you can check out if you are interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant.

Assistant Match

Fancy Hands

People Per Hour

Red Butler



Virtual Assist USA

Worldwide 101

Virtual Assistants

Zip Task


If you are interested in learning more about becoming a virtual assistant there are various resources available to educate you. You do not necessarily need special skills but to be a highly sought after VA you should have good organizational, time management and communication skills.

If you are looking to work for your self and being your own boss then you may want to learn how you can promote yourself to clients and businesses. You can study various marketing strategies and where to find your clients. A great site that will offer you the benefit of VA entrepreneurship is Fiverr and you can also check out similar sites such as Freelance these types of online platforms allow you to build your portfolio to further expand your VA business.

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