Alorica At Home Overview

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If you are looking for legit company to get started in your work at home exploration, you may want to consider Alorica At Home.This work at home company have been around for a while now and actively hire customer service agents to work remotely from the comfort of their home.

Who Is Alorica At Home?

Alorica At Home formally West At Home is an award winning service from Alorica. Alorica take pride in being the nation's leading provider of outsourced communication solutions.The company employs thousands of home base agents across the country to deliver superior customer service to their client's customers.

Benefits Of Working For Alorica At Home?

The company offers agents the ability to work a flexible schedule. You will be able to choose your set hours to work.They also offer you paid training  that is done from home online. Therefore, if you have little experience, the training will help prepare you for taking calls.

Technical Requirements?

You will need to have internet, computer, a land line and a head set to start. For full list of their technical requirements Click Here

Pay Rate?

Alorica At Home pay their agents at a per minute rate, this means that they pay you based on the time you are on the phone with a customer.They will also pay work time rate and per call with a guarantee of at lease min wage for your location or guarantee hourly pay of $7 per hour. I have read a few reviews that mention bonuses and incentives as well.

Any Out of Pocket Fees?

The only fees mentioned are for back ground checks that has to be conducted upon hire. The fee amount is $35.00

Am I Employee or Independent Contractor?

You will notice when you visit their site that they address their agents as employees. They also offer medical benefits for their agents. But the fact that agents  have to pay for their background fees can be confusing . Usually ICs pay for background fees not Employees. But it seems you are offered the best of both worlds.

Hires Internationally or US Only?

The company currently only hires in the US at this time.

How Do I Apply To Alorica At Home?

To apply to Alorica At Home Click Here


Alorica At Home, as I mentioned have been around for some time now. I have read both the good and bad from those who worked for this company. Most complaints had to do with the job being demanding and pay amount. As with any company there will always be some complaints in various areas. But Alorica At Home is a legit company that pay you for your time and seem to have some great benefits for those looking to work from home with a stable and dependable company.

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