12 Legit Mystery Shopping Jobs By Phone And On Site.

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Mystery shopping is simply contacting a business or going into a business as a customer to rate how well the business service their customers. There are tons of companies that claim to provide legit mystery shopping work online and offline but how can you be sure they are the real deal.? It will take a lot of research on your part to find companies that offer legit work in this area. Luckily I have done this for you! Below is a list of companies you can trust to provide legit mystery shopping opportunities.

Mystery Shopping By Phone

For this company you will act more as an auditor verses a customer contact. You will simply listen in on recorded calls and write down your feed back.The pay is $5 per call completed. They do offer flexible hours but this is work that will bring extra income not full time. Payment is made via Pay pal so you may have to register for a Pay pal account.

2. TeleXpertise

This company hires mystery shopping agents for phone work as well as quality assurance agents. Pay per mystery shopping call is $3-$10 depending on time on call. This offers flexible schedule
where choose hours. First time agents will make around $100 or so their first month.

3. Perception Strategies
This company hires mystery shoppers to conduct research in Health Care Industry. They also provide mystery shopping in stores as well as online. Their agents are paid around $12 per for each phone call. This job is flexible but you would have to keep an eye out for shops/tasks when they are made available.

4. Yardi Matrix
Formerly known as Pierce Eislen this company hires on a seasonal basis. You will be calling rental properties as a telephone mystery shopper. Employees of Pierce Eislen reported to make $10 - $11 an hour. This may be the amount for agents that have been with them on a long term basis. I have read some where that you would get paid based on your location/jurisdiction.

5. InteliCheck

Offers mystery shopping gigs by phone working from home. These are part time positions so it is pretty flexible work. I was able to pull some info on their pay and apparently the rate per call was $.90 per calls which may last up to 5 mins or less.

6. ARC Consulting

Offers mystery shopping, customer care satisfaction and remote call monitoring calls. You also can work your way up to call center coaching.

On-Site Mystery Shopping

These are list of companies that you can try that will offer the opportunity to visit stores and businesses in your area. You will be paid based on individual assignments therefore pay will vary with each store or business. The skills required for many Mystery Shopping jobs are writing skills, attention to details, honesty and integrity.

1. Mystery-Shoppers
This company hire agents to do mystery shopping for various businesses. You simply sign up and
get notification of mystery shopping assignments that are available. Pay is based on store and you get paid the following month. For example if you do a shop assignment in March you will get Paid May 1st as stated on the site.

2. Customer Perspectives
Provide mystery shopping opportunities in financial services, retail and healthcare. You can contact them via email and request information on becoming a mystery shopper. I suspect they also offer phone mystery shopping opportunities as well.

3. Intelli-Shop
This company recruit mystery shoppers for retailers and restaurants. You can sign up for free directly on their website to get started. Pay is based on store or business that requesting mystery shopping services. They seem to offer this opportunity by phone, online and on site.

4. Service Impressions
This company offering onsite mystery shopping assignments that are location based. You can sign up with Service Impressions for free. The pay is based on individual assignment. On their site it states that you sometimes be paid in various forms for example if you are doing mystery shopping gig at a restaurant you get a free meal. Assignments is also based on your location so do not expect a lot of work.

5. BestMark

This company hires mystery shoppers from around the US to conduct on site surveys and evaluations. They represent fortune 500 companies around the globe. Their clients include retails stores, restaurants, casinos, financial services, hotels, resorts and more. You could also work as an Exit Interviewer. Exit Interviewer conduct surveys from customers exiting stores.

6. Jancyn Evaluation Shop
This company hires mystery shoppers to evaluate different businesses that includes retailers, restaurants and financial institutions.

More Mystery Shop Companies
Market Force

These are the companies that I have researched and found to be legit and trust worthy. Again you will make extra income with these companies and other awesome perks that comes with mystery shopping! It is a fun and exciting way to make money and you could work for more than one company if you choose!

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