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Here is a list of a few companies that do not require agents to have a land line phone. I have worked for some of these companies and they are legit and will pay you for your time.

Most of these jobs will require you to have just a computer with high speed internet connection and a USB headset. You can find a USB headset online, I recommend the following on Amazon:

Non Phone Work At Home Jobs/Companies

1. Convergys
This company will not require you to have a land line to work. You will however, be required to have a landline or cell phone to do their training. You will be considered an Employee not an Independent Contractor.

2.  On Point Advocacy
 This company hires agents to take calls to provide information and educate the public on current events such as political issues. You will need a USB headset

3. Transcom
This company hires work at home agents to provide customer service and tech support to their customers.

4. NexRep
This company hires agents to take in bound and out bound calls as a customer service agent.

5. Call Center Q&A
This company hires agents to do mystery shopping over the phone. You will need a USB headset to make calls over your computer.

6. NextWave Advocacy
This company hires work at home agents to make calls and educate the public about current events in the news.

7.Enterprise Holding
Hires work at home agents to do reservations and customer service. They are a rent-a-car service.

8. Market Link
Hires agents to work at home in various positions across the US. You will be doing sales and telemarketing work.

9. Acanac
Hires work at home agents for phone support positions. They are based in Canada. No land line needed.

10. Parameds
Hires work at home agents to perform data retrieval/medical records, you will make out bound calls.
To make calls agents use Skype and/or Google Voice.

11. Maritz Research
This company do perfer agents to have a land line but I have heard they may make an exception. They are reported to be agents using Skype, Google Voice and even their cell phones to conduct calls.

12. Perception Strategy
This company do not require land line. Agents make health care related mystery shopping calls. Some of their workers use cell phones and they will accept any other forms phone communication.

13. Teletech
This company hires tech support agents to work from home. You can choose to use landline or Voip. They will only accept Voip as an alternative to land line.

14. Generation Sales
This company hires agent from home to do lead generation. You will be paid $12 an hour doing cold calling. You will need a USB headset.

15. USA Contact Point
This company hires agents in sales and retention positions. You will need a headset and computer with high speed internet.

16. Causeworx
This company is based in Canada and hires around the US. They are a fundraiser phone company.No land line is needed. Pay is around $11 per hour.

17. Door Dash
This company hires agents to take orders from customers who place order over an app. You can use your cell phone to take calls.

18.American Kidney Service
Hires work at home agents to make calls collecting donations. You can use a cell phone to do this task.

19. Apple
This company hires work at home agents as advisors. They provide you with the equipment you will need.

20. eDegree Advisor
This company ever so often have work at home opportunities. You will only need laptop or desk top to perform work. Calls are routed to your computer, you will need a headset.

21. Enterprise
This company hires home agents to work as rental reservations rep. They hire in various states across the US.

22. 1NW Contact
Take calls from home for TV Advertisements. People will call in to place orders of products they viewed in an ad on tv. No land line needed.

23. Great Virtual Work
This company hires agents as Independent Business Owners to work with their company. You will be doing customer service and sales calls. Pay is weekly at $10 per hour.

24. Intelicheck
This company hires agents to do mystery shopping, calling various companies and businesses to get price quotes. You can make calls using any phone including a cell phone.

25. VIP Desk
This company hires agents as their Brand Ambassadors to take calls. No phone line required.

26. Oasis Marketing Solutions
This company will hire you as an Independent Contractor from home to make sales calls. No land line is needed.

27. Sutherland Global Services
Hires agents to work at home in customer service positions. Hires in select states in the US. They also hire agents to respond to customer via email. No land line required.

28. UHaul
Hires agents to work from home as Reservations Agents and also for Road side assistance. Positions are open to US residents only.

29. Kelly Services
This company hires work at home agents in various states in the US. Majority of their positions do not require land line. You can register on their site to stay up dated on open positions in your State.

30. Wonder
This company hire agents to work from home around the world as a researcher. Agents are paid per task around $4- $8 per assignment.No land line is required.

31. ViaSource
This company hire work from home 1099 contract agents to take inbound calls, lead generating and fund raising. They pay $9.50 per hour. Offer part time and full time positions.

32. Lionbridge
Currently recruiting Personalized Internet Assessors with fluent Chinese in Canada.You will be reviewing online search results to improve their content and quality.You must also be an active user of Gmail and other forms of social media and own a smartphone. Lionbridge also have positions available in the following location: South AfricaHong Kong and Map Quality Analysts in Canada

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