Legit Home Base Business Opportunities

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List Of Legit Home Base Business Opportunities

I am aware that some of my work at home explorers would love to get into a legit home business that allows them financial freedom and sense of pride. Well there are real and legit companies out there. I have received good reviews on the ones I have gathered together for this article. If you are more interested in starting your own independent business and not sure where to begin check my  Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms section.

Some of the companies listed below do require some monetary investments. The investment may be very minimal as you would be require to purchase kits and products to present and sell.They are real businesses, similar to companies such as Avon and Mary Kay.

1. Jewelry In A Candle
I have seen a lot of posts and comments about this company mainly from their reps. I really like the concept of combining Jewelry and scented candles. It is a great product and serves as a promising company. You will earn money by recruiting as well as selling their products. Their starter kit is around $99 at this present time. You will have to sign up through a rep and they have access to reps you can go through.

2. My Snappy Place
This company will offer you to become an affiliate. You will be marketing and selling their jewelry.
There are no fees and you have access to your own free website. You will earn 25% on all sales from your affiliate link and 10% more up to 5 levels. You can cancel with them at any time. This is also great if you currently have a website in which you can promote My Snappy Place and earn income.You will have to meet certain requirements to remain active with the company, this is broken down in their disclosure as you go through the application process.

3. Pink Papaya Party
If you are a great communicator, out going and love to host. This would be a great company to do business in. They sell premier, quality, botanical products made in the US. They also do alot in the surrounding communities. There is no cost to host their Pink Papaya Party to learn more go to Pink Papaya Party Q & A

4. Yonique
This is another company that has a big buzz around social media. If you love make up this would be a great business to join. You will have to sign up under a presenter or sponsor and their new presenters pay $99 for starter kit. You can conduct parties on social media and in your home.

5. Tyra.com
Tyra is a famous former super model that is well know for her America's Next Top Model tv episodes where she transforms regular girls into professional models. She also have created a great opportunity to start your own beauty business selling  products from her make up line. Cost to begin  is $59 to enroll and a starter kit is currently $139.

6. Sedalia Designs
This is a jewelry company that sells affordable jewelry as low as $2. You can earn commission from selling their jewelry, they are currently offering members free access to join their sales team.
Click on link and then click "Join Our Team". You will need to use a special code to join free, this is provided on their home page.

7. Plexus Products
Plexus provide natural dietary supplements and weight loss products. Plexus also an opportunity to own an home base business. No selling is required simply share product with others on or offline. Their business is available world wide.

As I come across legit home business leads I will add to this list!


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Melecia At Home

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