12 Home Base Businesses With Free to Low Start Up Costs (Direct Sales)

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I am aware that some of my work at home explorers would love to get into a legit home business that allows them financial freedom and sense of pride. Well there are real and legit companies out there that will fit your needs. I have received many good reviews on the ones I have gathered together for this article. These types of companies are considered  Direct Sales companies. They do require some start up cost but it is very much affordable and cheaper than created your own business from scratch. If you are more interested in starting your own independent business and not sure where to begin check my  Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms section.

Some of the companies listed below do require some monetary investments. The investment may be very minimal as you would be require to purchase kits and products to present and sell. But start up cost is very low. They are real businesses, similar to companies such as Avon and Mary Kay which are also Direct Sales businesses.Remember there is no such thing as starting a free business! All business venture will require some monetary investment! 

 Home Base Business Opportunities

1. Jewelry In A Candle
I have seen a lot of posts and comments about this company mainly from their reps. I really like the concept of combining Jewelry and scented candles. It is a great product and serves as a promising company. You will earn money by recruiting as well as selling their products. Their starter kit is around $99 at this present time. You will have to sign up through a rep and they have access to reps you can go through.

2. My Snappy Place

This company will offer you to become an affiliate. You will be marketing and selling their jewelry. There are no fees and you have access to your own free website. You will earn 25% on all sales from your affiliate link and 10% more up to 5 levels. You can cancel with them at any time. This is also great if you currently have a website in which you can promote My Snappy Place and earn income.You will have to meet certain requirements to remain active with the company, this is broken down in their disclosure as you go through the application process.

3. Pink Papaya Party ( no longer available)

If you are a great communicator, out going and love to host. This would be a great company to do business in. They sell premier, quality, botanical products made in the US. They also do alot in the surrounding communities. 

4. Yonique
This is another company that has a big buzz around social media. If you love make up this would be a great business to join. You will have to sign up under a presenter or sponsor and their new presenters pay $99 for starter kit. You can conduct parties on social media and in your home.

5. Pawtree
If you love animals particularly dogs, you can sell dog products with Pawtree and earn good money. They sell items such as collars, beds, food, bowls and toys specifically for dogs. As a consultant you earn 10%-20% in commission on products you sell. Plus you also earn some bonuses.Their start up cost is less than $100.

6. YPCK Pets
If you love cats and dogs YPCK is a great company to work with as a consultant. You can work full or part time. They sell a wide range of products for both cats and dogs. As of recent this company do not require any financial investment! Their model has changed and they now provide 2 ways in which you can successfully sell products. 
1.Use special wholesale pricing to sell pet boutiques, retail establishment, vet offices, grooming salons, etc. and receive between 20% to 30% of commission on every sale.
2. Use special pricing (25% off retail) to purchase the product and sell to your friends, family, events, online and dozens of other ways. Sell at whatever price point you choose.

7. Sedalia Designs
This is a jewelry company that sells affordable jewelry as low as $2. You can earn commission from selling their jewelry, they are currently offering members free access to join their sales team.
Click on link and then click "Join Our Team". You will need to use a special code to join free, this is provided on their home page.

8. Linen World
Linen World sells house hold products, beauty products, toys organization and more! It is free to join and you can earn 20% in commission. As I stated earlier though it is free to join, you will have to purchase catalogs and invest in marketing. You can also host parties!

9. Plexus Products
Plexus provide natural dietary supplements and weight loss products. Plexus also an opportunity to own an home base business. No selling is required simply share product with others on or offline. Their business is available world wide.

10. Scent Sations Mia Bella
Mia Bella founder of Scent Sations provides an opportunity to become one of their distributors. You will sell gourmet items such as candles, melts, soaps and their skin care line. The start up cost is $39.95

11. JR Watkins
As a Jr watkins distributor you will sell all natural home care products such as cleaning supplies, gourmet food, personal care products and more. It is $39.95 to start and you earn 25% to 30% of commissions.

12. Gold Canyon
Gold Canyon sells scented products such as candles, diffusers, warmers and home cleaning items. To get started you will pay $40 plus 2 payments of $42.50 for total of 125 for business kit. If you sell $600 worth of items within 45 days you get your kit free. You earn 25% to 36% in commission.

13. Atomy
This company is available in the US and also in a few countries.Atomy USA is an easy way to create your own business because it is free to join but you must join through a sponsor provided code. You can purchase Atomy naturally made products and then sell them for a profit. Or you can keep them for your personal use. The second way you can earn is to match your referrals points. For example, every time you purchase any Atomy product you receive points when you refer 6 friends or family and they match 300 points then you start to receive $70 weekly direct deposit. The last way to earn is by getting membership promotions which allows you to earn cash monthly and 4 travel tickets. Use sponsor code S8297916Click Here To Join

As I come across legit home business leads I will add to this list!


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