Top Cash Back Websites That Pay You To Shop

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I wanted to share a few awesome sites that will help you to make money every time you purchase items online or off line. Cash back sites along with Mystery Shopping are awesome ways to earn extra cash while you shop!It is like shopping for FREE!

Top Rebate/Cash Back Sites

These sites will help you earn cash, credit and rewards for shopping. Many allow you to use their site to shop at well known companies like Target, Walmart, JCPenny, and more! You can use these sites to shop for all your basic needs! Best part you can also earn additional money for sharing them with your friends!

1. Be Frugal

One of the best sites I have used thus far! You get 30% cash back for over 4.000 stores when you purchase through their site. Company pays via Paypal and you will have to have $25 to cash out! But you can request for them to send you a check or in the form of a gift card. Be frugal is great because they offer price matching, this means if you see an item cheaper at another store they apply higher rate to your purchase plus extra 25% to you! Get $10 Upon Sign Up Now!

2. Extra Bux
Extra Bux is on the list of my favorites! When you use this site for your online shopping  you can expect to earn up to 30% based on the store you use. When you reach $10 or more you can redeem your balance. Pay via Paypal or by check in the mail. Get $5 When You Sign Up Now

3. Top Cash Back
Top Cash Back is a great site to sign up with. It provides thousands of products and stores that you can shop and earn cash back for every dollar you spend! All categories are available from Grocery Shopping, Travel Deals, Retail, Beauty, Entertainment the list goes on! This is your One Stop Shop!

4. Ebates
Ebates is a popular site that is very similar to Top Cash Back. But you earn credit when you shop instead of cash back. Each time you utilize their site to shop online you accumulate credit to spend!

Swag bucks is another well known site that allows you to earn free gift cards and credits  or "Swag bucks" to use for all your shopping needs online. Very simple to earn with swag bucks, you can watch videos, search the net ( like you do with google), take surveys and lots more for earned Swag Bucks for gift cards! 100 swag bucks equates to a $1. You are also able to refer your friends to earn additional credits.Free Sign Up

Best way to use Swag Bucks is to download their Swag Button

 List Of Mystery Shopping Sites

These are a list of few companies that will offer you free membership. You should never have to pay a company for mystery shopping gigs! To avoid being scammed, I recommend  that you check if a mystery shopping company is a member of MSPA which is in charge of regulating mystery shopping companies.

Do not look to make no more than $400-$500 a month. On average you may earn$5-$25 per mystery shopping gig along with some reimbursements. Although, I have earn of some real dedicated mystery shoppers who earned their way to making thousands a month!

Shadow shopper is has a huge data base of mystery shopping opportunities. You can sign up for free and check your account for available stores or companies in your area to work as a mystery shopper. This company will also send email notifications of available opportunities.

Another great mystery shopping site. You can sign up for free and they will match you to mystery shopping gigs in your local areas. Company states that you will need an automobile and a stop watch. If they do not have any opportunities available in your area, they will keep your information on file.

3. Market Force
Free to sign up and you get paid to shop and eat at your favorite stores and restaurants. Just like other mystery shopping companies you simply act as a regular customer and report what you experienced.
You will receive payment or shoppers reimbursements for free purchases.

4. Sinclair Customer Metrics
This company hires mystery shoppers to conduct research both on-site and off- site.
You can do it physically or be chosen to perform a gig via phone or online.

5. I-Spy
Another great site to consider joining. Simply fill out their form and you will be contacted if any
opportunities are available.

6. Secret Shopper
Secret Shopper is also a well known company that has been around for a while now. You can register for free, you will begin by reading through and agreeing to their policies.

To become a successful mystery shopper you have to be independent, detailed and have the ability to follow instructions. If this sounds like your kind of opportunity then go for it! It is a great way to earn extra income while having fun!

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