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Today I would like to share with
you a website that makes it easy and fun to earn yourself some extra cash.

About Slice The Pie

There are sites out there that will pay you to simply listen and review music.
One in particular site that does this is Slice The Pie

Slice The Pie  allows aspiring musicians to post their music for fan or listeners to give their honest in put and review of their music. That is where you come in, all you do as a music reviewer  is listen to music that is usually 90 seconds to 2 mins long, then write a review directly on their site (this you can do while listening or after). Then you give it a rating of 1-10 on a scale. Very simple and quick.

How To Make Money On Slice The Pie

You can make money a few ways on Slice The Pie :

1. Simply listen to music and then write your review. The more detailed and lengthy reviews get
more money. The best reviews talk about the lyrics, vocals, the instruments, how the song make you feel etc. More detailed the better! Lengthy and detailed reviews give you better ranking which opens more opportunity and continuous flow of music to review!

2. Use their referral program. When you sign up you will have a special link to send to your friends and when they sign up and review music you will get a "slice of the pie"!

Note: You will have to reach a thresh hold of $10 to cash out to your Paypal

My Experience With Slice The Pie

I posted a video tutorial showing my payment proof along with how to write a review

I have had good experience with Slice The Pie thus far, I am a music lover so I  became addicted to the site which was more of an enjoyment verses hard labor lol. I have not been as active lately but only because I have been working on other projects (such as this site to help others). I do recommend Slice The Pie if you enjoy music, giving your insights and want to make extra cash quickly. I know personally of someone who has made $2,000 on the site, this was made slowly over time as they did it on their down time and allowed the amount to accumulate. Not bad for some extra pocket money!

My advice for work like these is to view it like a piggy bank, drop some change in it and over time it will add up. We all could use extra cash laying around so there is no harm or loss in a little bit of gain.

How To Get Started

Click Here To Join Free  Then simply fill out your name, email and create password.
Usually you can start immediately after sign up. This is Completely free.

Fashion Review On Slice The Pie

Slice The Pie also added fashion review program that works the same way as their music review. So if you are into fashion this would be great opportunity to earn even more extra cash. You wont be able to select it but it is randomly selected when you log in. So you may not get the fashion review gig every time.

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