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I know a few of you would like to make more than a few bucks and would prefer companies that offer decent pay. Although, these companies that pay a bit more an hour are mainly phone work or customer service jobs, you can make a good living. Keep in mind that to make consistent hourly pay check you have to find jobs that offer that consistency, small task jobs that enable you to make easy, quick cash will be more time consuming in reaching your ideal hourly goal.

Companies That Pay Up To $20 Per Hour 

Hires Online Map Quality Analysts in Canada.The work involves completing online mapping and routing related tasks and research using online tools to investigate geographic accuracy of queries. Fluency in French and working knowledge of local and national geographical areas is essential. They are also hiring Personalized Internet Assessors with fluent Chinese in Canada. You will be reviewing online search results to improve their content and quality.You must also be an active user of Gmail and other forms of social media and own a smartphone.

This company work with non profit organizations and hire call center agents to take calls for pledges. You can make up to $18 per hour. Pay is per minute 0.25 to 0.30 per min.

Aspire Lifestyle
This company pays between $12- $13 an hour, depending on qualifications. They offer paid training which is $9 an hour.They seem to only hire in the US and have openings for concierges to work from home. They tend to hire in specific states so you would have to check your location on their site to view openings.

American Express
American Express offer work from home jobs occasionally. They will post openings in select states in the US so you would have to check their site for openings. They may also hire in certain countries outside the US. I have read that the pay $10 based on experience. They offer employment with really attractive benefits in customer service.

Appen Buttler Hill
This company offers work for search engine website evaluators and offers opportunities Internationally. They pay around $10- $12 an hour. You get paid once a month for this type of work. And you are an Independent Contractor.

Well known company that hires work at home customer service agents in US. Pay is between $10- $20 per hour quoted online. Pay seem to depend on what client you are assigned to work with. You will also have to create a incorporate to work for Arise since they are offering a business and other certification and training is required.

Brighten Communications
Hires telemarketers in the US. They state to pay their agents $12 -$18 an hr. You need long distance phone service and landline phone to do Business to Business calls. You will be an independent contractor for the company.

1-800 Flowers

Hires work at home agents to take orders over the phone. They tend to hire on seasonally during special occasions like Valentines Day, Mothers Day and during the holidays. Pay is around $10 per hour

Carlson Wagonlit
Offers travel services and tend to hire travel agents to work from home. Pay is stated at $15 an hour.

Cause Worx
This is a fund raising company that is based in Canada and is open to US and nation wide residents to work at home. You will be conducting tele fundraising. You will be an independent contractor earning $11 to $14 hourly.

Contract World
This company work with business such as KFC, Pizza hut and home shopping network. They hire work from home customer service agents and pay is $11-$16 per hour. You will need a land line phone, internet, quiet space and computer camera.

Direct Interactions
Hires agents to work from home taking calls from motorists and addressing unpaid parking tickets. They may possibly have other positions but they mainly hire for this one. You will be paid for training around $9 and after wards it is $10 -$12 an hour. Bilinguals are welcome to apply.

Great Virtual Work
Offers customer service positions and pay $10- $15 an hour. You would have to register yourself as an independent business owner prior to working for this company.

Harris Connect
This company offers positions in sales and occasionally in Fund Raising. They offer full time positions and pay $13 per hour. They hire mainly in the US and at times in select states. As of this time it seems they have sales positions opened in a few states.


Offers 24 hour call center which offers their customer service agent the ability to choose their own schedule. You are an independent contractor so you do your own taxes. You will take inbound calls to assist customers for various clients. Sales agents are making up to $20 per hour. Starting out you can expect to make at lease $10 an hour.

Nex Rep
This company hires customer service and sales agents to work from home. You will take inbound and outbound calls. Agents for NexRep have reported to make up to $25 per hour. Pay is hourly and commission based.

This company hire call agents to remind patients to take their medications. Work requires internet access, phone line and computer.  You can be expected to earn from $10 to $20 per hour.

Red Butler

Offers the opportunity to become a virtual assistance to various clients. You will be able to work both full time and part time. Pay has been stated to be $12 - $15

Time Etc.
Similar to Red Butler in offering virtual assistant work from home. Offer flexible positions and require assistants to work at minimum of 5 hours per week. Pay is stated to be $11 - $16 an hour.

These are a few companies I have been able to scout out for you work at home explorers. Hope this was helpful or at lease encouraging. I will add more companies as time goes by. Subscribe to my You Tube Channel Click Here and follow my Facebook Page Click Here  for more updates.

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