13 Companies Hiring Online Educators,Tutors And Teachers

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Happy Work From Home!

Here is a list of 13 companies that will hire teachers and tutors to work from the comfort of their homes. Most require that you hold a Bachelor's or higher in your area of expertise. You can make up to $30 or more from home!

Work At Home Educational Jobs

Hires educators in Math, Science, Humanities, Languages and Programming.
You will connect with your students via online. You are paid $20 per hour and pay is
issued via Paypal. Educators can set their own schedule.

HomeWork Tutoring
Currently looking for Educators in Engineering, History and Law. They state that any other topics are welcomed. Instructors are required to have webcam and chat programs such as ICQ and MSN Messenger.

ETutor World
This is a unique opportunity for educators who have connections in the educational institutions. This is a sales position that requires you to sell their online educational services. You may inquire about their tutoring opportunities.

 Hire tutors for K-12 and College level education. They hire both freelance and salaried tutors. Tutors earn $15-20 per hour and state that for niche subjects like Programming and Certification they earn $25-$30 per hour.

English Solutions

Hires experienced test writers and voice actors. This company is based in Canada.

Aim4 A Tutoring
Offers online tutoring to students K-12 and College globally. Hires tutors in topics Math, Science, Math, Language. They also offer home work assistance and test preps for GED, PSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT and AP subjects. Open to world wide applicants.


Work online tutoring students from 3rd to 12th grade. Each tutoring session pays $10 per hour

John Hopkins University

Hires teachers to teach grade 2-12 and college courses. Subjects include Reading, Writing, Science, Music and more. To search for openings type in CTY in their data base. Must have at lease 1 year of teaching experience and hold a Bachelor's.


Hires tutors and teachers in Test Prep and College level subjects. Use key word "virtual" their data base when searching for work at home positions.

Open English
This company hires ESL teachers to teach english online.

Rosetta Stone

Hires  Educators to teach their native languages such as English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Swedish and Irish.Must work up to 10 hours and they offer flexibility this includes both week days and weekends. Pays $15 per hour.

Well known online company that hires educators in topics such as English, Math, Science and Social Studies. You will teach students k-12. Application process takes about 1-3 weeks. Must be enrolled in US or Canadian based in US to be considered.


Hire tutors in these subjects Math, Physics, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology and more.You may work with students k-12 and College level. Mainly hire experienced teachers outside the US. Offers part time and full time positions.

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