Earn Money Participating In Focus Groups

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This is a quick and easy way to earn up to $150 an hour! Some focus groups will pay $100 for sitting in a 1 hour session and giving your input on different products or services. There are people who make a lot of money participating in multiple focus groups. You could make as high as $300 participating in these focus group, not bad for some Extra Cash plus you may even get to keep the products you test! You can attend sessions in your city and state and some offer National opportunities.Here is a list of companies that you can join and get paid for your time.

Earn Money Participating In Focus Groups

Focus Group

Provide participants with multiple ways to earn such as taking online surveys, shop along, home based interviews, in person focus groups and more. You can get paid from $75 to $150 for doing in person sessions.

Field Work
Focus group is conducted in a few states in the US, check their site for locations. To get started simply fill out application on their site and once you meet the requirements they will call or email you. They pay $50 to $100.


You are paid $50 for participating in their focus group. Pay is via Paypal. To become a participant fill out their application and create a video answering question. This one does require you to make videos, you can do so with your smart phone, web cam or tablet.

Probe Market
You can expect to get paid from $50- $400. They offer a range of opportunities to there members such as online surveys, mystery shopping, product testing and more.

Savitz Research
This company pays $50 to $300. They are available in 16 states around the country. To get started simply fill out their online application and you can search to see if their available in your State.

Paid studies are between $50 to $200 or more. Their in person sessions are mainly in these states
Nashville, TN, Miami, FL and Charlotte, NC. They do have online research also available. You can apply online.

This company will pay via monetary compensation ( checks, coupons and discounts). Various studies available such as online surveys, interviews and usability studies.

Find Focus Groups

Provides a list of companies that conduct focus group sessions. The list include Nation Wide resource that you can browse through. You will receive $5 simply for joining and they also have online surveys.

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