Work At Home Starter Kit (Equipment) For Beginners

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When I first started working from home I did not have a desk, office chair, file cabinets etc. All I  had to work with was my lap top, home phone that was shared in our household and my bed to sit on.
So it does not take much to start working out of your home.

Most companies will require you to have a private and quiet space to work and may conduct an evaluation of your space via your computer camera. Very few companies will  not require a quiet space, you will more than likely come across the ones that requires this. It not only helps the company but you as an home agent. You want to be free from distractions to focus on your work and you do not want your client or customers hearing background noises, this appears very unprofessional.

 Make your space as comfortable and workable as possible, size of space really does not matter. Treat any position as if you are working from out of  a company's physical office. If you have ever worked in an office setting you are familiar with the basic equipment used to make the business run smoothly.

As I mentioned in the beginning it does not take much in terms of equipment to start your work at home adventures! Here is a list of the basic work at home equipment you will need to start as well as links to purchase them on Amazon!

I also highly recommend this product below:

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5  Must Have Work At Home Equipment

1. USB Headset

you can purchase this for $30 at stores like Walmart or Target. I currently own the Platronic brand USB headset. This is required by many companies, it is hands free and do not require you to use a landline phone. Some companies have online platforms that do not require you to have landline or phone service just internet. You can check out list of  no phone work at home companies

 USB Headsets On Amazon:

Platronics Audio 655 DSP Noise Cancellation

Platronics Blackwire C610-M
Plantronics Blackwire C620-M

2. Computer (laptop or desktop)

Yes obviously you will need a computer, it is convenient in communicating with a company you work for as well as actually needing it to perform your day to day job. Each company have their own technical computer requirements. Make sure your computer is not ancient, it must be at
lease 3 years old from date of purchase and  updated software such as word, window XP,7 or 10 etc. Again each company have their specifics so check with a company that has hired you on what you will need to purchase if you do not already have it.

You can find used or new low cost computers online.Remember you just want a basic computer that is dedicated for working from home. Not personal use.

Computers On Amazon:


New Or Refurbished Laptops Under $300

Desktop for $130

3. Land Line Phone

Some companies may still require you to have a house phone. Very few require you to have long distance service on your phone but most require that you have basic service. Basic service means no additional features such as call waiting.  Some people do not have landline phone, in this case there are companies that allow you to use Voip services. But if you do happen to come across a company that is ideal for you and they require you to have a land line phone, you will be prepared.

Corded Phones ( highly recommended)
Corded Phones Search

4. Internet Service

Obviously you cannot work or communicate with a company that require computer usages unless you have internet. Most companies require that you have high speed internet and will have you test your internet speed to make sure it meets that requirement. Many companies will refer to to test your internet upload and download speed.

5. Fax, Printer And Scanner

I recommend an all in one machine

The Epson WF 2750 All In One Wireless comes with all the capabilities to run a smooth and stress free home office.This saves you time, money and space!

Additional Equipment

For those who are interested in positions such as typing jobs or transcribing work online please see my Transcribing Article for what kinds of equipment you will need specifically for transcribing.

In Conclusion:
Before you consider applying to any work at home companies make sure that you already have these basic equipment to make the process go smoother and to start working faster!

The best part about working from home is the no commute aspect and the flexibility it offers. You should have a disciplined nature when approaching home base jobs. Because most home job offer you flexible schedule and in some cases the ability to choose your own schedule. You may be tempted to slack off. It is important to maintain a set schedule for yourself if the company does not offer one. This will help you when it comes to "moving up the ladder" with most work at home companies. You may also be rewarded in bonuses or pay raise for your consistency and self disciplined nature.

Hope this article was helpful and informative

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