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Here is a list of companies that hire freelance writers to write articles for their blogs or websites!

Writing Jobs

Scribe Space
This company hires writers for their various clients. Once you sign up you will be matched with opportunities that is sent to you. They do require you to have at lease 1 year of writing experience. Pay is not listed but could be based on the client you are working for.

Pays you to write articles on various topics, mainly topics of your interest that is in your expertise. Pay is not listed again but read that you can make $8 per article, again this may be an estimate amount.

Thrillest Media Group
Hires freelance writers to write articles on bars, restaurants and night life, also articles about their food/drink vertical. These are ongoing gigs. To search for writing gigs, search their "Career" section and search on Indeed for open positions.

Write Mates
This online company is fairly new, the hires freelancers to writers to do resume writing. They will pay you for your draft even if your's was not chosen. It seems to be a competition type gig where you compete with other writers but they will still pay you even if you were not chosen. The chosen writer just get a bonus. Entrants receive a base pay of $45 and winner get bonus of $65.

Hires writers around the globe for their ebooks. They mainly post job openings for authors and for those who write "how to" books.

Express Writers
Express Writers is a copy writing agency. They higher talented editors and contracted freelance writers. Their job openings are usually posted on indeed. At the time of this article they are looking for full time writers. You will have to send them an email with your resume and writing samples.
Indeed Post:Indeed

Creative Circle
Hires Blog Writers to write weekly contents. You must submit sample blog post you have written to apply search through Indeed and submit applications.

Popular site to find freelance jobs in writing. Simply create a profile about your self as a writer. If someone is interested in hiring you for a gig, they will contact you. Or you can search through gigs for jobs.
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For jobs in freelance writing, you can search Indeed and flexjobs for daily gigs!

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