31 Online Transcribing Jobs For Beginners (No Experience Entry Level Jobs)

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Here is a list of some companies that hire agents in transcribing. Transcribing is listening to audio files and typing what you hear, you may be listening to court hearings, personal conversations, college lectures and so forth. Some companies will offer training if you have little to no experience. This type of work is tedious and repetitive. Skills such as good hearing and typing are required.The equipment needed are computer, high speed internet, foot pedal and headsets.There are certain software that would be useful such as Express Scribe to help play back audio.You can purchase new or used equipment to save money online.

The best place to find some products is on Amazon.

Professional Transcribing Equipment

USB Headsets:

Transcribing Software:

Foot Pedal:

31 Entry Level Jobs In Transcribing

31 Online Transcribing Jobs For Beginners No Experience

Great company that offers various transcription and data entry jobs. You will be considered a freelancer and take advantage of the flexibility. Paypal payments only and you are paid weekly. Both full or part time work is available.

You get paid daily and payment is sent to your Paypal. This company is only available in the US.

This is available globally and typically  pays $20 per audio hour. Little to no experience is required. You will be paid via Paypal.

This is only open to US residents and do hire both experienced and beginners. The pay is $36-$18 per hour. And it is twice  a month pay via Paypal.

Only available to US and you will need to be an experienced typist. Pay is around $10 per 15 mins of sound transcribed if you can speak a foreign language it is higher. They pay direct deposit or mailed check.

Only available in US and  pays $10- $30 per hour. This is a project base company. Pay is once a month by direct deposit or mailed check,

Hires remote Medical Transcribers in the US. Pays $2.80 per audio minute.

This company provide legal, corporate and entertainment transcription jobs. They do not always have work but they give transcribers 24 hours to complete assignements. The company hire all level transcribers including beginners.

This company offers legal and entertainment transcription online job.They just need you to be able to type quickly, accurately and be able to play video and audio. If you can do these you will be considered. You will have to past a test.

This company provide a very flexible opportunity to work online. There are many positions available for transcriptionist. You will be required to take a 3 to 5 min test. It should take you 20 mins or lest to complete the test to be considered.

No experience necessary and hires world wide. The pay is between 0.40 and 0.65 Get paid weekly via Paypal.

This company seem to always looking to bring new transcribers on board. You will need to pass typing test. I read this test can be extremely hard so be prepared. To start send a resume with cover letter.

This company hires transcribers around the globe. If you speak multiple languages you will have more work available. You apply by creating an account and taking 2 tests. Their pay rate is twice a month. They pay 0.005 per word. No experience needed.

Have positions available globally and No Experience Necessary.Pay is per audio minute .40 to $1.00. this depends on the level of difficulty. You will get paid weekly via paypal

Crowd surf usually post their transcribing gigs on amazon mechanical Mturk. You would have to create an account on Mturk and grab transcribing work.

Jobs available globally and pays $10 per audio hour. Little to No Experience is Needed. Pays via Paypal once your work is reviewed.

This company hires corporate and legal transcribers. This is great for beginners in giving you some experience. Pay rate depends on time it takes to complete each task.

This company that will hire beginners in transcribing. They will consider entry level individuals even though they tend to hire experienced transcribers. They do require that you type 60 wmp for most task. You will need to send resume, cover letter and test.

This company hire transcribers to do transcription work for big name companies such as Discover Channel and Animal Planet. Simply fill out the form on their site and send a resume.

Constantly hiring they do not list their pay rate but do hire globally.

Hires freelance transcriptionist in US and Canada. Get paid twice a month by direct deposit or mailed check. Stated to pay 1/2 cent  per word.

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