22 Entry Level Home Based Transcription Jobs

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Here is a list of some companies that hire agents in transcribing. Transcribing is listing to audio files and typing what you hear, you may be listing to court hearings, personal conversations, college lectures and so forth. Some companies will offer training if you have little to no experience. This type of work is tedious and repetitive. Skills such as good hearing and typing is required and equipment needed is computer, high speed internet, foot pedals and headsets.

22 Entry Level Jobs In Transcribing

Go Transcript
Great company that offers various transcription and data entry jobs. You will be considered a freelancer and take advantage of the flexibility. Paypal payments only and you are paid weekly. Both full or part time work is available.

You get paid daily and payment is sent to your Paypal. This company is only available in the US.

This is available globally and typically  pays $20 per audio hour. Little to no experience is required. You will be paid via Paypal.

1888 Type It Up
This is only open to US residents and do require experience. The pay is $36-$18 per hour. And it is twice  a month pay via Paypal.

Focus Forward
Only available to US and you will need to be an experienced typist. Pay is around $10 per 15 mins of sound transcribed if you can speak a foreign language it is higher. They pay direct deposit or mailed check.

3 Play Media
Only available in US and  pays $10- $30 per hour. This is a project base company. Pay is once a month by direct deposit or mailed check,

Hires remote Medical Transcribers in the US. Pays $2.80 per audio minute.

No experience necessary and hires world wide. The pay is between 0.40 and 0.65
Get paid weekly via Paypal.

Babble Type
Have positions available globally and No Experience Necessary.Pay is per audio minute .40 to $1.00. this depends on the level of difficulty. You will get paid weekly via paypal

Jobs available globally and pays $10 per audio hour. Little to No Experience is Needed. Pays via Paypal once your work is reviewed.

Way With Words
Constantly hiring they do not list their pay rate but do hire globally.

Speak Write
Hires freelance transcriptionist in US and Canada. Get paid twice a month by direct deposit
or mailed check. Stated to pay 1/2 cent  per word.

Hires globally, openings through out North America. Pay rate is 0.005 per word for Entry Level then 0.0066 for harder or foreign language. They offer bonuses for more technical work. Payment is once a month via check or wire transfer.

Casting Words
Pay does vary based on projects but is averaged over a $1 per audio min. They pay via paypal every Friday so it is weekly pay.

Get Transcribed
Pay 23 cents per audio minute. They are fairly new company Pays monthly via paypal with a minimum payout of $100.

GMR Transcription
Hires workers in US and Canada and you can work as an Entry Level Transcriber.

BAM Transcription
Little to No Experience/ Entry Level available work. You will be required to pass a skills test. You will have to contact company to inquire about applying for a position.

Will hire Entry Level/beginners who type atlease 70wmp.

No Experience is required but must take a skill test prior to getting hired. They also hire in the US and globally.

E Word Solutions
Hires in US and In Canada. They will send you files per week. Position and application is not posted on site please use contact form to request about positions.

Net Transcripts
This company offers services to law enforcement agencies, financial conferences and medical seminars. Seem to pay once a month pay is not disclosed. You will need to pass a back ground check and experience in Transcribing is preferred.

Alice Darling
Hires experienced Audio Transcriptionists to work from home.

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