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Did you know that there are companies that will send you free products to test and keep FREE? You do not need to have any special skills to become a product tester. You will get free products sent to your home and all that is required is for your honest review! Some companies may require you to record a video review and others will require that you leave a review on amazon or on the company's website. I have participated in a few product testing companies  and scored some great products!You can score  products like; coffee machines, mattresses, cat food, hair products, makeup etc.Very simple and fun work! Below is a list of companies that are free to join!

Top Product Testing Sites

Expo TV
 Earn rewards for posting product review videos. You must record video with Expotv.
You can review any product of your choice. You will get invites sent to your emails to review specific products from time to time. Expotv also have a companies who will send free products to their members to test and keep free. I have scored a few products like toilet paper, Shampoo, hair spray and more as a member.

Do not  require you to upload videos. You must have a good social following to be chosen for product testing. You will have to link social networks you are a part of to your Influenster account. I have scored 3 products from them thus far.They have surveys you can participate in to earn points as well as writing reviews on various products listed on the site.

Members participate in product testing by sharing their input on social media such as twitter. You post pictures of the products you receive on various social tools to earn points and to qualify for other product testing. You will get products to test and keep for free. I have scored a sleep number pillow for my husband, baby teething gel and more from this site. Super easy to participate in.

Another Great site to join free and test products and services. You will be given few surveys in various categories to get an idea of what products to match you with. More survey's you take the better your chances at receiving products. The survey's are not long either, very simple. Once you are selected for product testing it will be shipped out to you and you must check it in on the site and follow their instructions for reviewing.

Toluna allows their product testers to earn points doing various activities, you can create polls, answer questions, give your opinions on multiple topics. You have to be very active on their site to get products to test. They will not let you know when they have products available for testing, you will have to check on the site for this by clicking on "explore" then "test products". I have over 22,000 points and have yet to receive a product to test from this site. But they also consider you based on how active you are, the points are not hard to accumulate.You can always trade in your points for some gift cards!

Pinch Me
PinCHme have products in these categories; beauty, food and household items. You can also shop for products on the site and earn points and rewards. Also members can select samples directly from stores to be sent to their door. You have to quick when samples become available or you will miss out.

You can download Klout app on your mobile device to receive free products to test. You must have good social ranking ( have strong social presence) to be considered for products. Klout uses social analytic to rank its users.The ranking is a number between 1-100. So the more influential you are the higher your score.You will get points and rewards to score various products to test.

Easy to use site that allows you to various activities, search the web, watch videos, take surveys, listen to music and more. You will accumulate points that you can redeem for gift cards.

For other ways to score free products to test 
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