List Of Legit Data-Entry Companies That Hire Typists

These are some of the best companies  that hire for data entry work that you can do from home. Some companies will hire for both data entry as well as transcribing. Most will  hire for basic entry level transcribers. You can expect to earn additional income with these companies but not recommended for full time income unless you can manage more than one at a time:)
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Companies Hiring For Data Entry /Typists

The Word Point
Translation company that hire translators, editors and those who work within specific spheres. They also have typing gigs. This company offers flexible working schedule. You must provide quality work. Follow link above for more details.

Go Transcript

Great company that offers various transcription and data entry jobs. You will be considered a freelancer and take advantage of the flexibility. Both full or part time work is available. Free sign up plus Get $5 Bonus When You Sign Up!

Hires workers to do data entry from home. You will have to type at lease 60wmp.
This is an Independent Contractor position. All you need to work as a DA is a computer with internet access. Pay is per piece bases which means you are paid based on each assignments completed.

Hires for multiple task as well as transcribers/data entry. They use crowd sourcing technology for micro jobs worldwide.They hire many freelancers so you would be categorized as an Independent contractor.

AccuTran Global

Will hire for entry level or beginners who score well on tests. They hire for transcription, data entry and administrative jobs. they are based in Canada but tend to hire workers in US and Uk. to apply to Accutran complete questionnaire on link and send it as an attachment to

Capital Typing
This company hires for various positions to do from home including data entry. Other work available is transcription, translation and call center. They hiring out of North Carolina providing various office services. They hire you as an independent contractor. They pay per audio hour or per word transcribed.

Virtual Bee
Virtual bee is a company that allows you to work at home at your leisure. They hire in 48 states and there is no cost to start. Hires you as an independent contractors to enter data securely throught their secure online technology. Pay is weekly by check and you can expect to earn around $5-$6 per piece/per hour. They have a minimum pay out of $30.

Clark For Communication

Hires for data entry and transcription positions. They mainly have positions in legal and general transcription jobs but at times basic data entry positions are made available. Hires mainly in the US and contractors would have to go through a full back ground check including fingerprinting. For their legal transcription jobs the pay is $.75 and $1.75 per page this depends on client you work for.

Hires for data entry and general transcription. You will transcribe uploaded files by users such as audio files from phone calls, podcast, webinars etc. They hire you as a freelancer or Independent contractor. You select the files to work on, the files are on a first come first  serve basis. You are allowed 2 hours to complete each files. Based how well you do you can be promoted as a reviewer. They select reviewers based on 5 point scale, 1 is bad, 5 is excellent. Pay is $10 per audio hour for both transcribers and reviewers. They also offer bonuses.

Working Solutions
Well known for their call center positions but do offer positions for data entry work. They hire independent contractors in the US and world wide. They pay every 2 weeks and their agents send their invoice. Pay varies based on task and clients but it is around $7.50 to $30 an hour. This is mainly for their call center position. when applying contact the company about their data entry position to see if there is any openings.

Quick State
Hires for data entry, basic transcribing and medical transcribing. they support various apps and services and convert bits of recorded speech into words. They also offer transcription services for medical reports, conference calls and legal documents. Like most transcription companies they hire freelancers who are independent contractors and pays per word basis. This would not be considered a full time work but extra money. Click link for more info.

Axion Data Services
Based in Pennsylvania , hires independent contractors to perform data entry work. You will be entering data from scanned images, their contractors work on loyalty programs applications, questionnaires, customer response cards etc. Part time work is most available and is 20-25 hours a week.  You choose your hours and tasks. You are paid per piece basis, agents who put in 2-4 forms make 4-8 cents per forms, so you could make in range of $4-$19 an hour. They may not have positions available at this time but definitely a company to keep an eye on!

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