Top Online Thrift Sites To Buy & Sell Used Clothes!

If your closet is flooded with clothes that you no longer need, you can sell them online! It is a great way to make extra money besides having a garage sale in your front yard. For some, you may not have a front yard to do garage sales. Luckily you can now sell your used items online and make money! Not only can you earn cash but you can purchase name brand items at a steal deal!Check out these sites below to get started!


Best Sites To Buy & Sell Used Clothes

You can sell used women's clothing on this site as long as it is clean. They do not have a restriction on brand names. You simply take a picture of the clothes you are selling and ship it out. The company pays for all shipping cost. You can also quote your price for your items and make 91% of the item! Get A $20 Coupon Sent To Your Email

The Real Real

Consignment online store that sells used items mainly luxury items. You can sell your used clothing (men and women), shoes, jewelry and certain house hold products.They will pay for you to ship your items in. They will photograph and list your items for you on the site. You will make 60% as a beginning member/seller. Then it will be 70% if you sell more than $7,000 a year. You an also earn an addition $100 with their referral program. Get $25 credit upon sign up to spend!

Bib + Tuck
This site actually allows people to shop for free! This is what distinguish Bib + Tuck from the others. You basically use what they call "bucks" to shop not real money. You can also submit an offer on an item for the seller to accept. You can sell used items on this site but their guidelines are a bit strict. You must also take your own pictures which has to be high quality. You will also get the opportunity to receive high end pieces free.

You will have to create your own store front. So as a member you will have your own personalized store that you can promote. You can post pictures of used items even new ones with tags. They take care of sorting, photography etc.You make 60% but if you do all the work ( photograph, ship and short items) your self, you make 80% on sales.

Curated shopping community where users are able to design their store. You must also provide detailed description of your item and pictures showing front and back. You are also encouraged to post a personal story about the pieces you are selling and its emotional value to you. You can make 78% in which you can either cash out or use to shop on the site. Shoppers can also score freebies along with their purchase.

Material World

This site allows you to turn in your items or rather trade in for new luxury items. They offer gift cards to their users after appraisal. The gift cards can be used to shop at  Saks Fifth Ave, Shopbop and Bloomingdale. They will email you a gift card quote, once you accept they will mail out a voucher within 1-2 business days. All it takes is some spring closet cleaning to earn gift cards for your efforts!

You can request for them to send you a "clean out bag" to use when cleaning out your closet. Fill it with women's, juniors and children s clothes, all items must be in good condition and cleaned.The "clean out bag" comes with prepaid shipping label so just drop it off at your nearest FedEx. They will go through your items and give you a quote. Once you accept the quote you can get cash or store credit. Get $10 when you join!

This is an awesome company that accepts used items to sell on their site. When purchase is made on an item a percentage is donated to local schools to support the Arts. They cater to children's clothes but the sizes range from XS to XXL which can fit most adults. They have many name brand fashion items sold for as little as $2! You can also get an immediate $15 to spend when you sign up through a referral link:Free $20 Credit To Shop
They will send you prepaid address labeled bag to put items in and ship out.They offer in store credit to shop for items and members shop free by utilizing their referral program!

Happy Selling and Shopping!

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