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As with any company offering work from home positions online, the companies listed below will pay weekly via Paypal or direct deposit. They will pay you on a weekly basis. I understand that many prefer to get paid faster for their own convenience, whether it is to catch up on last minute payments or bills. What ever the reason for wanting to get paid on a week to week basis, you can find work at home jobs that will fit your personal desire.
Please do your own diligent research. All the companies listed are legit companies that are easily searchable online. I will continue to add to this list as I come across any other company!

31 Jobs That Pay Weekly

Go Transcript
Great company that offers various transcription and data entry jobs. You will be considered a freelancer and take advantage of the flexibility. Little to no experience but must be able to type at rate of 30 wmp minimum. Paypal payments only and you are paid weekly. Both full or part time work is available.


Pays weekly via Paypal. You do not need a land line for Needle but you will need a computer with internet access. They pay by the hour and you will be working as a chat agent. Few people online said they make at lease $10 an hour.You work as an independent contractor so they do not with hold your taxes. I read some where that you may need a facebook during application process.

Get paid to review and listen to music online. You can cash out once you hit $10 to Paypal. Simply listen to music and write reviews.
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Earn money doing fun and unique tasks/gigs!This is an excellent site to get paid unlimited income for doing simple task online of your choice. You can set your own pay! The amount of task and gigs you can offer is unlimited! You can set your price from $5 - $30 per task/gig you offer. Plus fiver offers a unique referral program that pays you $5 per referral. Payments are deposited directly into your Paypal.Sign Up Here

Virtual Office VA

This company hire you for virtual assistance to do various task from home. They pay is weekly and is between $10 to $15 per hour.

Virtual Bee
Pays weekly by check only. This is data entry position which means entering client's data using a technology that allows you to see the original data. You are hired as an independent contractor. Rate of pay varies but I read that the average pay is per piece rate of $5-$6 an hour. Sounds like work can get slow at times.

Blue Zebra Appointment Setter

Pays weekly and is around $12-$15 an hour. I applied to this job once and you will need to download a questionnaire to apply for consideration. You will need a USB headset, computer and printer. Further requirements are listed on their site.

A Better Call

This company is a Business To Business Appointment Setting company that hires Appointment Setters to work from home. You can make up to $20 per hour. You must have experience as an Appointment Setter in B2B area. You will need PC, Fax and Landline phone to work for this company.

Good Start (Pleio)
Hires you to make calls from home and pays weekly. Their workers earn from $8 to $20 per hour. They have flexible schedule and you must  have fast internet connections. You may also make calls to help patients remember to take medication.

Provides tutoring jobs via the internet/online. You get paid weekly and set your pay rate. The site states you can earn up to $20 per hour. You will need to provide a certificate and Bachelors in the field you choose to tutor.


Offers weekly pay, pay is per minute comp, up to $10 per hr. Hire for customer service and tech support. You are hired as an Independent Contractor.You will need a land line phone. Follow the link for more information.

Maritz Research
Offers weekly pay, pay is based on your state minimum wage but is up to $9 an hour with bonuses.
You are not an Independent contractor but a hired employee. You will need a land line phone.

Pays weekly that cater to newspaper subscription companies. You make outbound calls and provide customer service as well as selling subscriptions. They state that you would earn $150- $200 per week. You will need a USB Headset.

Call Center QA
This company hires Mystery Shoppers to work at home. You will make calls and conduct surveys over the phone. Pay is $5 per completed calls and increase to $10 per call.

Babble Type

Hire Independent Contractors to do proof reading, transcribing and translating other languages to english. They pay via Paypal on a weekly basis. Pay varies based on task

Click Worker

Hire workers to do small task in various fields such as tagging, browsing the web, writing and other tasks. Will need internet and computer to do this. Earnings depend on a project you are working on. On average their worker earn $9 an hour. You can make more or less with this company.Pay is weekly also. World Wide opportunity.
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You will be assisting their customers with news paper subscriptions. You can make up to $200 per week with this company. There is no indication of this being an hourly paid job but you get paid on a weekly basis.

A Better Call
This company hires telemarketers across the Nation to do B2B cold calling and setting appointments. They boast of agents making well over $20 per hour. They pay is weekly and pay is  done through direct deposit.

This site will pay you to test websites and apps. You earn $10 per website or app that you test.
As you are browsing a website you must speak in audio as you are performing tests. So make sure you have audio.

Is another website tester jobs that hire users to browse and test various websites and provide in put.
They also pay $10 per site you test. You can find more website testing jobs here

Additional Companies That Pay Weekly
Zen Content - Offer writing tasks
Content Authority - Offers writing jobs
Quicktate - Offers transcribing jobs
Wesstat - Offers phone jobs/customer service
Onpoint Advocacy - phone jobs
ZeroChaos - Ad quality raters
Maritz - Phone interviewer
Domainite - writers
Babble - Transcription work
NexusOp - Outbound calls

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