14 Top Work From Home Companies For Customer Service Jobs

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Here is a list of companies that hires customer service agents to work from home. Most do require that you have a quite background in order to work from them! You will either need a land line or a USB headset, it is best to have both. Some offer employment and others hire you as an Independent Contractor. Before you get started check out Work From Home Equipment to be sure you are fully equip to perform work for these companies.

14 Top Companies That Offer Work At Home Customer Service Jobs

Alpine Access (Sykes)
This company hires agents to work from home as an employee. You will take calls to assist customers by phone. They pay an hourly wage during your shifts. You will make around $8-$9 an hour plus bonuses.

Offer telecommuting jobs for customer service agents. Pay depends on the client you are assigned to but on average it is $9 an hour, pay is bi weekly. You will be required to pay a back ground fee around $30.  Offers flexible schedule.

U Haul
Hires agents to work from home in the US. They tend to hire in specific states at different periods so you would have to check to see if they are hiring in your state. You can also check my now hiring listings for openings. They are a moving equipment rental service that is well respected. They hire both virtual and in office work. Sometimes they may start you off in office and then transition to your home. They offer Benefits; Medical and 401k, pay is around $8 an hour.

Pays $8-$9.50 an hour.They offer paid training that you have to undergo. They offer a flexible work schedule as well, choose between full or part time.You will be considered an employee which means you qualify for medical benefits and 401k.

1800 Flowers
Tend to hire customer agents to work from home during peak seasons for temporary positions. You would have to keep checking for open positions in your area, but they mostly hire in these states: DE, IL, MT, NM, NH, NY, OH, OK, ON. They seem to post job openings during special occasions like mothers day, valentines day etc. Pay was reported to be $9 an hour.

Hires around the globe. They tend to have various positions including customer service. They work with well known household companies. You will need a landline for their training sessions then you will use USB headset to work. Pay is $9-$9.50 an hour. This is an employment positions that offers benefits for most employees.

Direct Interactions
Hires Agents as Independent Contractors. You will be taking calls via telephone so you will need a landline. Requires no fees to start working for them ( most companies require back ground fees from ICs). They only hire in specific states. You can view a list of states they do not hire in by going to the link. Also state that they pay between $10-$12.00 per hour and offer paid training at $9.47.

Great Virtual Works
They require their agents to have a business account and a business tax ID, basically be set up as a LLC. You can go to IRS.gov to get a business EIN and read more about the process. I read on boards that agents were paid between $15 and $16 per hour.

Grind Stone
This company hires you to do appointment setting and customer service. But they mainly focus on telemarketing and sales positions. You will need unlimited long distance service to work for Grind Stone. No pay was listed online so their agent may have signed some disclosure to not disclose payment perhaps. Some said they loved working for Grindstone and others quiet the opposite.

This company hires customer service agents for inbound and outbound calls. Pay is $5 per hour ( 60 mins logged and on the phone) with commissions. People have stated to make well over $12 an hour.They offer a highly flexible schedule. You will need USB headset to work for Nexrep.

Hires customer service agents for employment at home taking inbound calls. Their employees are offered a nice benefit package once they hit 90 days. They offer hourly pay of around $9.25 per hour. I have read that they do offer raises during your employment. Pay is issued through direct deposit and is bi-weekly. They mainly hire in these states: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

Hires customer service support or tech support. You will need to have experience in tech support and good at fixing computers. Pay is stated to be $11 an hour and you do not need landline, If hired you will attend training for 2 weeks.

Hires virtual agents in US , UK and world wide. They hire agents as employees not Independent Contractors. Positions are available in customer service, tech support and sales. Bilinguals are highly encouraged to apply.They will require you to work weekends and holidays. Pay is said to be $9-10 per hour. You may need landline phone.

Hires work at home agents as Independent Contractors. They do not always have open positions available but its good to keep checking back every now and then. They hire Live Operators and Verification Agents. Live Operators make $8.50-$9.50 and Verification Agents pay is based on number of calls reviewed. Offer Flexible scheduling.Landline needed.

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