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These are companies that hire chat agents to work from home. A chat agent assist customers online for various companies in various fields. You will need a computer with internet access to work. There are other requirements that come with working as a chat agent, of course you would have to type a certain amount of words per minute. Please do your own diligent research on these companies to determine if this is the right fit for you.

Chat Jobs

Hires agent to work from home as a chat agent. Currently offer hourly pay of $9 an hour.
Your job is to "respond to inbound chat inquiries and effectively consult customers or prospective
customers regarding features or wireless phone available“. You can also earn commission on sales.

Hires agent to work from home. You will make $10 per hour plus they offer points that you can exchange for various items online. They pay through Paypal on Mondays. Read that their scheduling is super flexible. You will need to link a Facebook page when applying for any position with Needle.

Hires chat agents to assist customers online for various companies. Pay is $10 per hour. Hours are also flexible

Hires chat agents to work in customer service positions. Site5 hires Internationally and they pay is $12-$13 an hour. I read on a few forums that they offer employee benefits so you may not be an Independent Contractor. Apply Here

Hires chat agent to work for their technology company. They do not state how much their
agents are paid or hours required. 

To apply for their chat job position. You can chat online about any open positions and send your resume to their HR department. I read that they pay monthly around $500 the more experience you gain the more you earn.

Apple from time to time will have openings for chat jobs. Their pay rate for chat jobs are not available but I read some where that it is pretty high. You browse through their openings online.

This company hires chat agents to help other shop online.They have competitive pay.They pay $10 per hour and commission. They seem to hire entry level chat agents.Operator is an app that people use to shop. 

Pretty popular sharing site that hires email support agents every now and then. They offer benefits and the pay from what I hear is great!  When they have chat position available it would be listed as
"community support representative" and remote.

I will continue to add to this list as leads come in!

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