List Of Global Work From Home Jobs (US, Canada, India, UK, Philippines etc.)

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Here is a list of work at home jobs you can do if you live out side of the US. These Companies hire workers to perform various task that most times do not require land line just a computer and internet access. I will continue to add to this list as leads come my way.

 Global Jobs ( US, Canada, India, UK, Philippines)

Leapforce (Canada Residents) (United Kingdom) (India)
This company hires search agents to do search engine evaluations and pays $13.50 to start out and pay rise to $18 per hour. They pay once a month.

Go Transcript
Great company that offers various transcription and data entry jobs. You will be considered a freelancer and take advantage of the flexibility. Paypal payments only and you are paid weekly. Both full or part time work is available. They hire in various countries.

Earn money doing fun and unique tasks/gigs/freelance work. Sell any service! This is an excellent site to get paid unlimited income for doing simple task online of your choice. You can set the amount you will charge to do task! The amount of task and gigs you can offer is unlimited! You can set your price from $5 - $30 per task/gig. Pay is deposited in your paypal account Sign Up Here

As their name indicates, this company will hire workers around the globe, US, UK and other countries. This is an independent contractor job working as their virtual assistant. Their virtual assistance make $15- $25 per hour. This company is constantly hiring.

Get paid $10 per website that you test. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to complete a test. This is available world wide. Anyone can do this job. You are paid via Paypal.

Appen Butler
Similar to Leap Force. They hire you to do search engine evaluation. Pay up to $15 an hour simply browse country for open positions.

Testing Time
This company offers an opportunity to provide your opinions and pay you up to $50 per study.
you will be required to use Skype and spend up to 90 minutes. You will get paid within 5-10 days via paypal. Open globally.

This company pays you $10 to test websites and you will need a webcam with microphone. They are open to testers world wide. You may be able to test app.

Zero Chaos
Hires you as an employee. You will be an ad quality rater. Read where workers were paid $15 an hour doing this task. You can work up to 30 hrs per week. Minimum hours are 15 per week.

This company will pay you $8 per website testing and payment is issued to your paypal. Each test can take up to 20 minutes to complete, you will be given sample test initially. This company is available world wide.

Transcription Hub
Offers freelance transcribers and editors flexible work. Work any where. No rate of pay was stated.

Hires Independent Contractors for Transcription work for various company and many fields simply fill out their questionnaire to get started. As of right now I heard that they hire Canada Residents.

Hires in various fields in various countries.

Take inbound calls. You will act as a customer service agent and take calls for various companies
and clients. Hires mainly in US and UK. They hire you as an employee. Have both full time and part time positions. Phone line required. I read that they pay around $9 an hour.

TelePerformance UK

Hires agent to work in customer service, sales and support. Mainly seem to hire for Tech Support. I searched around to find information on pay and few stated it is $9-$11 per hour. Will need a land line phone.

Hires agent around the globe to do customer support for various companies. Offers flexible schedule.
pay is bi weekly and some have stated they earned $8 to $9 an hour.

Software Tester UK
Hire Computer Technicians to work from home. Pay is not listed on the site. They hire in various countries.

Cactus Global
Hires writers, editors, translators, transcriptionists and more!
You do mainly freelance work. Pay varies based on projects. Work mainly online via computer.

Babble Type
Hire Independent Contractors to do proof reading, transcribing and translating other languages to english. They pay via Paypal on a weekly basis. Pay varies based on task

Hire workers to do small task in various fields such as tagging, browsing the web, writing and other tasks. Will need internet and computer to do this. Earnings depend on a project you are working on. On average their worker earn $9 an hour. You can make more or less with this company.Pay is weekly also. World Wide opportunity.

Hire agents to simply listen to calls and sort them in categories.
Pays via Paypal on a weekly bases. You are paid per call completion. I read on a blog that pay does vary and it is not much but good for making some extra cash. Pay out was stated as $10.
Hires world wide.

This company hires translators around the world and offers flexible schedule. Freelance translators are welcome to apply

If you are into tech support, web design and mobile applications this is a good company for you.This company has receive 4-5 star ratings from employees on Glassdoor. They are available world wide, so you can work anywhere! Their pay rate is not listed any where, but from what I have read you can make up to 48K a year.

Hilton World Wide
This company hires work from home hospitality agents, Reservations Specialist and Hhonor Specialist. They have global positions available. Average pay is $9 per hour, I have seen a few quoted $11 an hr but seem to depend on type of position.

Cause Worx
This is a fund raising company that is based in Canada and is open to US and nation wide residents to work at home. You will be conducting tele fundraising. You will be an independent contractor earning $11 to $14 hourly.

Hires work at home agents for opportunities in social media content moderator and/or community managers. Must speak 2 or more languages with one being fluent English. This company appears to hire world wide. Before applying they recommend completing their Moderation Foundation Training Certificate that is listed where it says "moderation gateway" in green box. Salary is not listed.

Hires freelance transcribers, offers entry level positions. They provide online training and have tons of available work for transcribers as well as translators. This company also hires world wide. Pay rate is listed on their site.

More to come!
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