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List of Sites To Get Free Products!

Here is a list of a few companies that I use personally to receive free products. Major house hold name brand companies now send free products for you to test and keep! They will send you
full size samples to regular samples of products in these categories

Note: When you sign up for to these sites, make sure to have a dedicated email account that you check daily!

  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Personals
  • Gifts
  • Household items
  • Jewelry
  • Clothes
This is one of my favorite companies! I have received Sleep Number Cool Fit Foam Pillow worth over $100 for free simply to test and give my review! They  have worked with many major brand names to offer amazing products for their active members to test and keep! Free signup!

Another one of my favorites! I have received shampoos and other hair and beauty products from this company. Similar to Smiley360, they will send active members free products and samples to try, review and keep! Free to join Click Here

I recently found out about this company and signed up. I have heard great things about them from other members! They tend to send out  boxes filled with goodies free on a monthly basis! Make sure to fill out all the surveys which are simple and fast, this is how you will be picked and matched for free products!

Highly recommend this site if you would like to shop for clothes, accessories, jewelry, gifts etc.
Sign up is free and you don't spend money. You simply upload pictures of items you don't use anymore around your home and earn points to purchase or trade for something else. Pretty cool!

This is a good one as well, but a bit slow on sending out freebies to sample, the key is to stay active on their site, doing surveys and updating your profile. I have received a few items from them, mainly beauty and house hold items. I definitely recommend this one!

Site offers items from electronics to appliances and more. When you join you are given personal referal link to share. Each time someone join you will earn $10 towards any product! Free shipping is also available Get $10 for joining when click Here

Hunt 4 Free
This is one of my favorite sites ever! They list free products daily some times frequently through out the day! You can subscribe to get email notifications. I have scored tons of free items and was introduced to some awesome deals and discount sites!

Another awesome site I recently came across! Very similar to Hunt 4 Free and both do not require you to sign up or review anything to get these free items. They post amazing deals on groceries, home goods and so much more!

I love, love this site. I always get the best deals delivered to my inbox! They will send daily freebies, deals and giveaways. It is an amazing resource that i look forward to every day.

Other sites to score free products And Deals:
Facebook Freebies Deals And More
Target Free Sample Center
Walmart Free Sample Center
P&G Everyday
My Savings


How To Get Free Clothes From Schoola

 Schoola is a program that take donated clothes and sell them on their website to raise money for schools in your area. When you purchase their items a portion of your payment will be donated! I love the idea of purchasing low cost items and supporting school programs like Music and Arts!

There are 2 ways to get FREE clothes delivered to you!

1. Get free products with free shipping offer and through $20 credits

 Schoola will offer free shipping now and then. Usually during special holiday season. For example in celebration of earth day, they were running a free shipping special with NO minimum orders for 3 weeks! In order to get this special, people had  to sign up under a referral links. Once you sign up under a referral link ( a link provided to you by another member) you would get a $20 credit. I was able to score 4 FREE items with that deal along with free shipping!

 Click Here For $20 Credit . If you want to wait for their free shipping special I suggest you register and check your email often. They will email you when they are having their free shipping special again.

2. Get free products through their referral program.

Once you sign up to Schoola, you will automatically be given a personal referral link.
When ever you share this link by posting it on your social media sites or emailing it to
friends, family or associates, you earn $20 when ever they purchase items through that link!
There is NO minimum of sign ups! So that means you can shop using credits only! Plus those you sign up get $20 to spend. Win Win For All!

Note: If you do not want to be charged for shipping on Schoola after the free shipping deal ends, you must make up to $50 or more on purchases ( again accumulate $50 worth of credits!). So once you hit $50 or over, your shipping is FREE! At times they may lower it to $25.

Those are the two simple ways to shop for free items for you and your family.
You can browse through 100s of items in price ranging as low as $3! Some are used items but many still have tags on them. Make sure that you read the description for all items place in your cart. This will let you know if the items are in good condition ( not worn out, torn etc.).

You are not just getting free clothes for yourself and others but you are contributing to an awesome cause at the same time!

If you would like to donate items you can contact Schoola via their website for more information.

Get $20 To Shop

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