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Start Your Own Profitable Business From Home

Happy Work From Home!

Okay so I am aware that when it comes to working from home, it can be difficult finding something to bring in a real income amidst all those scams. So I decided to do some research for legitimate ways to earn money from your home. These are not just list of ways to simply get an hourly pay but to start your very own lucrative income generator...YOU! All you really need to succeed is  your own creative talents! I always say this in my videos "you have to think out side the box!"

Firstly sit down and start thinking about what it is you are good at! Is it writing? Planning events?
Are you into fashion? Beauty? Then start devising a plan of action. Here is a list to help give you some ideas! If you are interested in joining a company with little investment and sell products see Home Base Business Opportunities

 Careers For Stay Home At Moms

1. Day Care Provider- 
Are you great with kids? If you have kids then that should be a yes:).
You can start a day care center in your home! Of course there are laws that vary  to do so, depending on where you are located and your state it would be best to check so start doing your research! I know in my state, providing day care for over 6 children at a time require licensing. But you can charge 25 per hour or more ( start out with a reasonable rate)!

2. Create Gift Baskets!
This should be a fun and easy thing to do. You can create gift baskets for
holidays and celebrations like birth days and sell them out of your home.  Start at your dollar store for items or craft store! Great for those DIY moms!

3. Birth Day Planner-
Are you good at planning events for your kids? Why not make it into a business? You can offer your services a birth day planner, charging for consultation all the way up to the planned event.

4. Photographer-
Love taking pictures? Then you can offer a photography service. This is a highly lucrative career path. You can start out small to build up a portfolio by offering free photography sessions, in return ask that your subjects promote pictures you took of them on their social media sites! So many areas in photography it is ridiculous! You can choose nature photographer, events photographer, animal photographer the list goes on. You can even make money with your Mobile photography skills

5. Writer-
Are you a writer? You can start writing blogs and articles for various companies online.You can offer your writing services to musicians around your area! They are always looking for a great online Bio to help promote themselves! I posted a video of some companies you can look into

6. Tutor Online-
Were you a former teacher? Why not sign up on and begin to offer
your expertise? You can set your own hours and pay! Tutors make up to or over 2k a month!
Here is a few other company you could start with

7. Vacation Planner-
Are you a great planner, traveled a lot before the kids? Then you may want to look into vacation planning! Yes there is a few companies that offer you the opportunity to become a vacation planner and they do require an investment. Disney is a company you can trust and they offer this type of opportunity check it out

8. Pet Sitting-
Do you love animals? Believe it or not there are companies that offer you the ability to stay at home and babysit other peoples pets! You can make up to a $1000 a month doing this. You can try  or DogVacay-

9. Running Errands- 
Yes you can actually earn money by simply running errands, which is what you do any way! You can check out a website called on more information about running errands.You can also make money as a secret shopper, is an app you download to your phone. For Gig walker you basically snap pictures as their secret shopper. Other task are available as well check out my video on companies that pay for doing easy,simple things you do regularly!

10. Stylist / Fashionista-
Are you into fashion and love picking out clothes for other people? Then you can become a stylist and offer your business around your area! To find out more about this check out You can actually start a fashion channel on YouTube displaying your fashion sense to promote yourself.

11. Host Baby Showers
You can start your very own business hosting baby showers for others! There is a company called
The Elephants Box that you can check out. They offer wide range of baby products to get you started. Or you start on your own. Pregnancy never goes out of style so there will be tons of clients to service:)

12. Start A Website/Blog
Blogging has become a popular trend, particularly for writers. But even if you are not a writer you can still make money starting a website or blog. Your website content can include any topic that interests you or further promote a business you already have. You can sell products or share relevant information that would interest others. You can also sign up to hosting sites with high commission affiliate program such as IPage and earn additional income from your very own website. For additional web hosting services Visit Top 3 Web Hosting Services

So what is it that you are good at? Everyone has some special and creative skill and you can make it work for you...check out this video for inspiration on getting started!

There are tons of areas you can venture into! If you are good at sales, customer service etc. Then subscribe to my channel for some amazing companies that are in need of your skills!
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