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Happy Work From Home!

Hi, my name is Melecia! I am a wife, blogger, day care provider and freelancer. I created this blog site to help those who are seeking legit ways to earn online from home or anywhere! I love to motivate others to be successful in whatever they do!

I am big on entrepreneurship and I have a passion in providing information and tools needed to help others start their own business. I am by no means  an expert, but I am not too far from it! 

Why Melecia At Home? 
Because I am always home. Home is my comfort, it is my domain in which I can control my own environment. As they say "There is NO place like HOME" that can also apply to work and building a personal business.

I have been working from home for over 6 years and have come across some amazing work from home companies and opportunities. I have been where most of you are when it comes to finding legit online work! I understand the frustrations that comes along with the process. Since I started my journey in 2009, work at home opportunities have grown significantly and more and more companies are hiring home agents! There is literally no excuse any more with the wide range of jobs now available!

I have a beautiful 3 year old  fur baby name Misty who was adopted/rescued at birth. 
I love animals. Especially ones with soft fur:) 

I love anything that is creative and artsy. You can Join Me On Pinterest  to find some awesome work at home related boards.

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This site is dedicated to all the work from home wives, mothers, fathers, students, retirees and every one in between looking to find legit work. But not only that, my goal is to create a resource that will make your work at home life productive! 


Melecia At Home

My name is Melecia and I am a loving house wife and home maker. I created this site to help you explore the many opportunities that are available to you!