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Happy Work From Home!

My name is Melecia I am a stay at home wife, home maker and freelancer. I have been married for only 3  years.

We have a beautiful 2 year old  fur baby name Misty who was adopted/rescued at birth. She is many species combined; cat, dog, child and a monkey basically she switches mode often! 

I love anything that is creative, artsy and have a passion for poetry, writing and photography! I also love helping others and this is one of the reasons why I started this site!

I have been working from home for 6 years now and have come across some amazing work from home companies and some not so good ones. I have been where most of you are when it comes to finding legit online work!

This site is dedicated to all the work from home wives, mothers, fathers, students, retirees and every one in between looking to find legit work. But not only that, my goal is to create a resource that will make your work at home life productive! 
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Melecia At Home

My name is Melecia and I am a loving house wife and home maker. I created this site to help you explore the many opportunities that are available to you!