Friday, May 6, 2016

Companies That Hire Virtual Assistants

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Today I would like to share some companies that hire virtual assistants to work from home! A virtual assistant is a skilled home base assistant who offer to do various tasks for companies, businesses and offer entrepreneurs administrative services. A Virtual Assistant can either work as an employee for a company or they could become an independent contractor working for themselves and seeking out clients to provide services for.

VAs are expected to do a wide range of tasks such as writing, editing, typing, data entry, making phone calls, setting appointments, tech support, graphic design etc. Depending on whether you want to work for your self or for a business, you can make $12-$50 or more an hour! The pay will be based upon your experience and skill set.

Here are a list of companies you can check out if you are interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant.

Assistant Match

Fancy Hands

People Per Hour

Red Butler



Virtual Assist USA

Worldwide 101

Virtual Assistants

Zip Task


If you are interested in learning more about becoming a virtual assistant there are various resources available to educate you. You do not necessarily need special skills but to be a highly sought after VA you should have good organizational, time management and communication skills.

If you are looking to work for your self and  being your own boss then you may want to learn how you can promote yourself to clients and businesses. You can study various marketing strategies and where to find your clients. A great site that will offer you the benefit of VA entrepreneurship is Fiverr and you can also check out similar sites such as Freelance these types of online platforms allow you to build your portfolio to further expand your VA business.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Alorica At Home Overview

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If you are looking for legit company to get started in your work at home exploration. you may want to consider Alorica At Home.This work at home company have been around for a while now and actively hire customer service agents to work remotely from the comfort of their home.

Who Is Alorica At Home?

Alorica At Home formally West At Home is an award winning service from Alorica. Alorica take pride in being the nation's leading provider of outsourced communication solutions.The company employs thousands of home base agents across the country to deliver superior customer service to their client's customers.

Benefits Of Working For Alorica At Home?

The company offers agents the ability to work a flexible schedule. You will be able to choose your set hours to work.They also offer you paid training  that is done from home online. Therefore, if you have little experience, the training will help prepare you for taking calls.

Technical Requirements?

You will need to have internet, computer, a land line and a head set to start. For full list of their technical requirements Click Here

Pay Rate?

Alorica At Home pay their agents at a per minute rate, this means that they pay you based on the time you are on the phone with a customer.They will also pay work time rate and per call with a guarantee of at lease min wage for your location or guarantee hourly pay of $7 per hour. I have read a few reviews that mention bonuses and incentives as well.

Any Out of Pocket Fees?

The only fees mentioned are for back ground checks that has to be conducted upon hire. The fee amount is $35.00

Am I Employee or Independent Contractor?

You will notice when you visit their site that they address their agents as employees. They also offer medical benefits for their agents. But the fact that agents  have to pay for their background fees can be confusing . Usually ICs pay for background fees not Employees. But it seems you are offered the best of both worlds.

Hires Internationally or US Only?

The company currently only hires in the US at this time.

How Do I Apply To Alorica At Home?

To apply to Alorica At Home Click Here


Alorica At Home, as I mentioned have been around for some time now. I have read both the good and bad from those who worked for this company. Most complaints had to do with the job being demanding and pay amount. As with any company there will always be some complaints in various areas. But Alorica At Home is a legit company that pay you for your time and seem to have some great benefits for those looking to work from home with a stable and dependable company.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Braiydan Black LLC Company Review

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Today I will like to present an over view of a company called Braiydan.Black LLC  a young and fresh work at home company making it's way into the home base work force. They are currently in a business to business working relationship with Arise as an independent contractor. Arise is a well known, well established and trusted work at home company.

Who Is Braiydan Black?

Braiydan.Black LLC is a company that seeks customer service driven individuals to take inbound calls from home. The company first  launched in May of 2014 by Dania Platt who is the CEOBraiydan.Black LLC  work with at lease 120 clients which are fortune 100-500 companies.

They are  committed in providing exceptional service for their clients. They are also passionate about  providing job seekers with the opportunity to work from the comfort of their home while offering flexible hours.You will feel right at home with Braiydan.Black LLC 

The company is currently seeking qualified candidates to fill positions in areas of Customer Service, Sales and/or Tech Support. Part time and full time positions are available and you can choose your own hours. Customer Service Professionals (CPS) are given metrics and are expected to meet the minimum service requirements.

Skills or Prior Experience Needed?

Candidates will be given different requirements depending on the client they serve. The basic requirements are  pleasant , upbeat voice, willingness to learn and 100% attendance.Braiydan Black LLC do not currently require their candidates to have experience but some prior customer service experience and computer knowledge is a plus.

Company Provide Training?

Yes, they will provide you with training. Again, it is pertinent that you attend all training that is conducted by the company. During the training session you will need to have a  headset. a computer or laptop, internet and a home phone.

Technical/Computer Requirements?

Braiyden.Black LLC uses Arise platform  and therefore adhere to Arise system requirements. The system requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Desk top computer. One that has a separate monitor is recommended.     
  • Apple or Mac are not recommended.
  • USB Headset with microphone. Logitech, Plantronics or Microsoft or similar brands recommended.
  • Hardwired land line telephone and headset. Hardwired DSL, Cable or Fiber Optic.
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 or 11 Edge on Windows 7,8 and 10.
  • Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows

A full detailed list of technical requirement will be provided by the company.

What Is The Pay?

Agents can expect to make $8 per hour to start and can make up to $18 depending on the client they choose to service. Commissions made on sales are added to base pay. Sign on bonuses are available when all requirements are met. Pay is twice a month on the 1st and 15th. Payment is done via direct deposit.

Independent Contractor Or Employee?

Braiydan.Black LLC hires Independent Contractors. You will be in responsible for your own taxes. You will be issued a 1099 at the end of the calendar year.

Any Required Fees?

Yes there are some fees associated with this Company. The fees are for back ground checks which as an Independent Contractor is your responsibility as well as for training courses. The fees that you can expect are as follows:

  • Background fee is $7.95
  • CSP 101 $99 but discounts are available for as low as $5.99.
  • Training courses can range from $19.99 to $279 depending on the client.

Training costs are tax deductible as well as monthly telephone fees for the service fee. All fees are subject to change.

Hires Internationally Or US Only?

This company hires only in the US. They currently do not hire in the following states:
MD, CA, MA, NY, OR, WI, and CT.

How Do You  Apply To Braiydan Black LLC?

To begin the application process you can email, which is preferred.
or call the business line at 803-563-7373

Final Thoughts

Braiydan.Black LLC is a young company that is steadily growing and making its mark.
Now would be a great time to start your application process as you would get a head of the game.
The best thing about Braiydan.Black LLC is that you get to be a part of that growth and development which can open doors of opportunities within the company.

Another great thing about Braiydan.Black LLC is that they offer flexible schedule that fits into your lifestyle, whether you are a work at home parent or student looking to bring in additional income; Braiydan.Black LLC makes this possible.

The CEO Dania Platt, is dedicated in providing a work at home opportunity that caters to those looking to earn honest income working from home. You can read more about her personal journey here Dania Platt, CEO And Founder

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

9 Part Time Work At Home Jobs

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In this article I have listed a few companies that offer part time work at home positions. These companies offer you the flexibility you may be looking for to earn additional income. I broke this up into 9 categories to make it easier to find a job that matches your interest and/or skills.

1. Micro Jobs
Micro Jobs allows you to perform services for a small fee that can go from $2-$1000+ per task performed. Micro jobs are highly flexible and gives that entrepreneurial freedom because you are in full control. Here are a few sites you can join for free.

1. Fiverr

2. Envato Studio

3. Zeerk

4. Gig Bucks

Others to check out: Elance and Freelance

2. Customer Service Phone Jobs
If you enjoy assisting customers and selling products then customer service may be your area.
Here are a few companies you can try that offer flexible schedules and pay is usually range from $8 to $30 per hour (this could include commission on sales). Some positions may require tech support experience.

1. Alorica

2. Arise

3. LiveOps

4. Working Solutions

5. Sutherland

6. NexRep

7. Nexwave

8. Westat

9. 1800 Flowers

10. AdviseTech

11. UHaul

Click For More Customer Service Jobs

3. Chat Support Jobs
These companies offer online chat jobs. You can provide customer service and tech support assistance via chat and/or email.

1. Apple

2. SiteStaff

3. Pincushion

4. Sedgewick

5. Livestaff


7. UpWork

Click For Info On Chat Jobs

4. Search Engine Evaluation Jobs
These companies will hire and train you to perform search engine evaluation. It is a simple task that anyone can do. You will only need your computer with strong internet connection. These offer a lot of flexibility and pay is generous.

1. Leapforce

2. Appen

3. Lionbridge

4. ZeroChaos

5. Data Entry
Data entry or typing positions are in high demand. There are a few companies that hire data entry clerks to work virtually. These companies offer legit work at home jobs and many offer the flexibility you desire.

1. DionData

2. SoundHound

3. Capital Typing

4. Quicktate

Click For More Data Entry Jobs

6. Online Moderator Jobs
Online moderators manage social media posts for companies that promote on social sites such as Facebook, blogs. forums etc. This job consist of posting, updating content, removing offensive posts or posts that do not adhere to rules. Countless companies on or off line now use social sites to promote their businesses. Here are a few companies that hire Online Community Moderators.

1. LiveWorld

2. Emoderation


4. Modsquad

5. Lithium

You can also use job search sites like Indeed and Flexjobs to find openings in this field of work.

7. Phone Mystery Shopping Jobs
Phone mystery shoppers contact businesses via phone and play the role of a customer. You will be evaluating each business by asking various questions. The companies listed below hire mystery shoppers often and pay can vary based on clients. But this is a great way to make extra cash on a part time basis.

1. CallCenter QA

2. Perception Strategies

3. TeleXpertise

4. Yardi Matrix

5. ARC

6. Intellicheck

More Mystery Shopping Opportunities

8. Online Tutoring/Teaching
Online tutoring is another great way to work part time while making good money on the side. If you have teaching experience this would be a perfect fit. Online tutors get paid up to $30 per hour and this type of online work offers a lot of flexibility.


2. Tutor Vista

3. Rosetta Stone

4. Aim 4 A

Click For More Tutor Opportunities

9. Sales, Commission Based Jobs
If you are good at sales, you might be interesting in commission based opportunities.Here are a few companies that offer high commission payouts and allow you flexible hours.

1. Freelancer

2. A Better Call

3. Intelliverse

4. Marketlinc

5. SalesRoad

6. NexRep

7.Brighten Communications

You can also check out these companies that allow you to earn commissions independently through referrals! High Paying Referral Programs

I hope this list encourage you in your search for legit work at home opportunities. These are real opportunities that will offer you part time/flexible ways to earn money whether you are a work at home mom, dad, student or someone who just need additional income.
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Get Paid To Review Music And Fashion

Get Paid To Run Errands

Get Paid To Drive Your Car

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Get FREE Brand Name Products!

Today I am excited to share this amazing company called PINCHme to my work at home explorers!

What is PINCHme?

 PINCHme is a monthly subscription site that lets you try products from leading brands absolutely FREE!All they ask is for your feed back on each product. Every month an amazing range of free samples are released on PINCHme for members to claim. Samples are shipped free so no credit card is required ever! Samples will arrive in PINCHme box pictured below :

How It Works?
  1. You can sign up for free now on
  2. Fill out your member profile to be matched with samples
  3. Order free samples relevant to you
  4. Give your feedback! 

What Kind Of Samples You Receive?

Products include  beauty, baby, personal care, pet and home.The photo below shows some sample  products I received from PINCHme

As you can see, you will receive every day products in multiple categories such as personal care, beauty, house hold items and something to delight your taste buds! New products are available each and every month!

Check out these Amazing free samples available this month!
For your home and personal care:
·         Sundown Naturals Co Q10 Gummy Vitamins
·         Unisom Sleep-Aid
·         ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep-Aid
·         Method Products Coupon

For your pet:
·         Beyond Dry Cat Food
·         Muse Cat Food
·         Iams Proactive Health Hairball Care
·         Dentastix Original Treats

For your little one:
·         Boon SNUG Spout Universal Sippy Lid

Next Sample Day is Next Tuesday 23rd Of February at 12pm EST.

The more active you are on the PINCHme website (answering fun surveys, sharing and reviewing products) the better your chances of scoring consistent freebies each month! Do not miss out on the next Free Sample Box

Join Over 2 Million+ happy PINCHers nationwide!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

12 Legit Mystery Shopping Jobs By Phone And On Site.

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Mystery shopping is simply contacting a business or going into a business as a customer to rate how well the business service their customers. There are tons of companies that claim to provide legit mystery shopping work online and offline but how can you be sure they are the real deal.? It will take a lot of research on your part to find companies that offer legit work in this area. Luckily I have done this for you! Below is a list of companies you can trust to provide legit mystery shopping opportunities.

Mystery Shopping By Phone

1. Call Center Q&A
For this company you will act more as an auditor verses a customer contact. You will simply listen in on recorded calls and write down your feed back.The pay is $5 per call completed. They do offer flexible hours but this is work that will bring extra income not full time. Payment is made via Pay pal so you may have to register for a Pay pal account.

2. TeleXpertise
This company hires mystery shopping agents for phone work as well as quality assurance agents.
Pay per mystery shopping call is $3-$10 depending on time on call. This offers flexible schedule
where choose hours. First time agents will make around $100 or so their first month.

3. Perception Strategies
This company hires mystery shoppers to conduct research in Health Care Industry. They also provide mystery shopping in stores as well as online. Their agents are paid around $12 per for each phone call. This job is flexible but you would have to keep an eye out for shops/tasks when they are made available.

4. Yardi Matrix
Formerly known as Pierce Eislen this company hires on a seasonal basis. You will be calling rental properties as a telephone mystery shopper. Employees of Pierce Eislen reported to make $10 - $11 an hour. This may be the amount for agents that have been with them on a long term basis. I have read some where that you would get paid based on your location/jurisdiction.

5. InteliCheck
Offers mystery shopping gigs by phone working from home. These are part time positions so it is pretty flexible work. I was able to pull some info on their pay and apparently the rate per call was $.90 per calls which may last up to 5 mins or less.

6. ARC Consulting
Offers mystery shopping, customer care satisfaction and remote call monitoring calls. You also can work your way up to call center coaching.

On-Site Mystery Shopping

These are list of companies that you can try that will offer the opportunity to visit stores and businesses in your area. You will be paid based on individual assignments therefore pay will vary with each store or business. The skills required for many Mystery Shopping jobs are writing skills, attention to details, honesty and integrity.

1. Mystery-Shoppers
This company hire agents to do mystery shopping for various businesses. You simply sign up and
get notification of mystery shopping assignments that are available. Pay is based on store and you get paid the following month. For example if you do a shop assignment in March you will get Paid May 1st as stated on the site.

2. Customer Perspectives
Provide mystery shopping opportunities in financial services, retail and healthcare. You can contact them via email and request information on becoming a mystery shopper. I suspect they also offer phone mystery shopping opportunities as well.

3. Intelli-Shop
This company recruit mystery shoppers for retailers and restaurants. You can sign up for free directly on their website to get started. Pay is based on store or business that requesting mystery shopping services. They seem to offer this opportunity by phone, online and on site.

4. Service Impressions
This company offering onsite mystery shopping assignments that are location based. You can sign up with Service Impressions for free. The pay is based on individual assignment. On their site it states that you sometimes be paid in various forms for example if you are doing mystery shopping gig at a restaurant you get a free meal. Assignments is also based on your location so do not expect a lot of work.

5. BestMark
This company hires mystery shoppers from around the US to conduct on site surveys and evaluations. They represent fortune 500 companies around the globe. Their clients include retails stores, restaurants, casinos, financial services, hotels, resorts and more. You could also work as an Exit Interviewer. Exit Interviewer conduct surveys from customers exiting stores.

6. Jancyn Evaluation Shop
This company hires mystery shoppers to evaluate different businesses that includes retailers, restaurants and financial institutions.

These are the companies that I have researched and found to be legit and trust worthy. Again you will make extra income with these companies and other awesome perks that comes with mystery shopping! It is a fun and exciting way to make money and you could work for more than one company if you choose!

Earn Up To $100 Completing Surveys. Sign Up Here

Get Paid Up To $35 Per Survey At SwagBucks

Earn Cash Testing Products And Filling Out Surveys

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Entry Level Home Jobs

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I had a few of my readers and my YouTube subscribers and viewers request information on companies that offer entry level work at home positions. Below you will find a good number of well known companies that do hire those who have little to no experience. If you are new to working at home I recommend reading Work At Home Newbies, it will provide you with basic equipment needed to get started. Below are a list of few companies that will hire you as
a entry level agent.

Work At Home Jobs Requiring Little To No Experience

Hires agents to work at home taking inbound and outbound calls. This is customer service position that require some sales. Pay is $5 per hour based on talk time plus commissions and bonuses. You will be taking orders and providing customer care. You get to pick your own schedule so highly flexible.

Hires agents to take inbound and some outbound calls from home. You will be an independent contractor and must have some sales experience as well. You will be selling and taking orders over the phone for various clients. LiveOps pay does vary depending on clients but agents have reported to make up to $30 an hour in the top percentile.

West At Home
Hires work at home phone agents to take in coming calls and processing orders. Agents can earn any where from $7 to $20 per hour. Pay is based on talk time while on the phone, $0.12 to $0.30 per min.
Flexible schedule, you choose when you work.

Vera Fast
You will be assisting their customers with news paper subscriptions. You can make up to $200 per week with this company. There is no indication of this being an hourly paid job but you get paid on a weekly basis.

This company hires work at home agents for various positions, customer service, tech support, scheduling etc. You will be an employee and not an independent contractor. They pay $9-$11 per hour and offer lots of benefit and 401K.

Alpine Access
Hires agents to work from home as an employee. They pay start at $7 an hour and may go up to $9 an hour. They hire in selects states in the US and in Canada. Because you are an employee you will be provided with some employee benefits.

Working Solutions
This company has been around for many years and have a good reputation, receiving good ratings.
They hire home agents globally and offer flexible jobs. The positions they tend to hire for are in data entry, customer service and tech support. They may also have online chat positions. They typical pay is $10 but this depends mainly on which client you are assigned to.

Hires work at home agents to take orders over the phone. They tend to hire on seasonally during special occasions like Valentines Day, Mothers Day and during the holidays. Pay is around $10 per hour

Maritz Research
You will be conducting surveys via phone for major corporations. Very easy work to perform, simply asking questions and entering answers given. The pay is weekly at $7 - $8 an hour. They also offer incentives and bonuses for good workers. Hours are flexible, you will be working 20 hours per week.

Entry Level Gigs

This is an excellent site to get paid unlimited income for doing simple task online of your choice. You can set your own pay! The amount of task and gigs you can offer is unlimited! You can set your price from $5 - $30 per task/gig you offer. Plus fiver offers a unique referral program that pays you $5 per referral.

This site allows freelancers to find work. You can join for free and apply to various task posted
and get paid for completing each task.

Similar to Elance, Freelancer allows you to apply for various task and gigs and get paid. Great site that has an abundance of work at home freelance opportunities.

Or now more recently called UpWork. This company hires agents to perform various task including data entry work.

Entry Level Work Search

Chat Jobs

Non Phone Jobs

Customer Service Jobs

Global Jobs

Data Entry Jobs

Weekly Job Post

More companies will be added to my list as I get leads. Make sure to check back often!
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If you know of any other work at home jobs that offer entry level positions please post
away! If you are a company that is offering a entry level positions please Submit Jobs Here

Saturday, December 12, 2015

31 No Land Line Work At Home Companies

Happy Work From Home!

Here is a list of a few companies that do not require agents to have a land line phone.
Most will require you to have just a computer with high speed internet connection and a USB headset. You can find a USB headset at stores like Walmart for $30 or less.

No Land Line Work At Home Jobs/Companies

1. Convergys
This company will not require you to have a land line to work. You will however, be required to have a landline or cell phone to do their training. You will be considered an Employee not an Independent Contractor.

2.  On Point Advocacy
 This company hires agents to take calls to provide information and educate the public on current events such as political issues. You will need a USB headset

3. Transcom
This company hires work at home agents to provide customer service and tech support to their customers.

4. NexRep
This company hires agents to take in bound and out bound calls as a customer service agent.

5. Call Center Q&A
This company hires agents to do mystery shopping over the phone. You will need a USB headset to make calls over your computer.

6. NextWave Advocacy
This company hires work at home agents to make calls and educate the public about current events in the news.

7.Enterprise Holding
Hires work at home agents to do reservations and customer service. They are a rent-a-car service.

8. Market Link
Hires agents to work at home in various positions across the US. You will be doing sales and telemarketing work.

9. Acanac
Hires work at home agents for phone support positions. They are based in Canada. No land line needed.

10. Parameds
Hires work at home agents to perform data retrieval/medical records, you will make out bound calls.
To make calls agents use Skype and/or Google Voice.

11. Maritz Research
This company do perfer agents to have a land line but I have heard they may make an exception. They are reported to be agents using Skype, Google Voice and even their cell phones to conduct calls.

12. Perception Strategy
This company do not require land line. Agents make health care related mystery shopping calls. Some of their workers use cell phones and they will accept any other forms phone communication.

13. Teletech
This company hires tech support agents to work from home. You can choose to use landline or Voip. They will only accept Voip as an alternative to land line.

14. Generation Sales
This company hires agent from home to do lead generation. You will be paid $12 an hour doing cold calling. You will need a USB headset.

15. USA Contact Point
This company hires agents in sales and retention positions. You will need a headset and computer with high speed internet.

16. Causeworx
This company is based in Canada and hires around the US. They are a fundraiser phone company.No land line is needed. Pay is around $11 per hour.

17. Door Dash
This company hires agents to take orders from customers who place order over an app. You can use your cell phone to take calls.

18.American Kidney Service
Hires work at home agents to make calls collecting donations. You can use a cell phone to do this task.

19. Apple
This company hires work at home agents as advisors. They provide you with the equipment you will need.

20. eDegree Advisor
This company ever so often have work at home opportunities. You will only need laptop or desk top to perform work. Calls are routed to your computer, you will need a headset.

21. Enterprise
This company hires home agents to work as rental reservations rep. They hire in various states across the US.

22. 1NW Contact
Take calls from home for TV Advertisements. People will call in to place orders of products they viewed in an ad on tv. No land line needed.

23. Great Virtual Work
This company hires agents as Independent Business Owners to work with their company. You will be doing customer service and sales calls. Pay is weekly at $10 per hour.

24. Intelicheck
This company hires agents to do mystery shopping, calling various companies and businesses to get price quotes. You can make calls using any phone including a cell phone.

25. VIP Desk
This company hires agents as their Brand Ambassadors to take calls. No phone line required.

26. Oasis Marketing Solutions
This company will hire you as an Independent Contractor from home to make sales calls. No land line is needed.

27. Sutherland Global Services
Hires agents to work at home in customer service positions. Hires in select states in the US. They also hire agents to respond to customer via email. No land line required.

28. UHaul
Hires agents to work from home as Reservations Agents and also for Road side assistance. Positions are open to US residents only.

29. Kelly Services
This company hires work at home agents in various states in the US. Majority of their positions do not require land line. You can register on their site to stay up dated on open positions in your State.

30. Wonder
This company hire agents to work from home around the world as a researcher. Agents are paid per task around $4- $8 per assignment.No land line is required.

31. ViaSource
This company hire work from home 1099 contract agents to take inbound calls, lead generating and fund raising. They pay $9.50 per hour. Offer part time and full time positions.

More No Land Line Opportunities:

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Search Engine Evaluators

Writing And Editing Jobs

Get Paid Up To $25 As An Online Tutor

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