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11 Easy Ways To Earn $100 Daily! (No Experience Required)

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Below are  list of websites that provide unique, fun and easy ways to earn an additional side income. Yes it is possible to make $100 or more a day with little to no experience. Opportunities are unlimited and allows you to utilize your creativity to generate money daily. You can participate in multiple tasks on a daily basis to reach your earning goals. It will take some effort but it will be well worth it. Realistically you will need persistence and patience to reach your goal of $100 or more daily with little to no experience.
These are the best sites available, permitting their members to earn unlimited cash. A few do require that you reach a specific amount in order to receive pay out, those are sites that allow you to work online doing daily activities such as surveys, performing searches, watching videos etc.
You will also need to set up a pay pal account to get money issued to you for some sites.

Earn $100 Daily No Experience Required!

1. The Forum Wheel
This is a great site for writers and those who love to join and post on forums or for chatting with other members online.You will get paid cash daily via your paypal. Best part is there is NO MINIMUM PAY OUT. So you can cash out at any amount you earn. Members are earning as much as $10 a day.
Free Sign Up

2. Video Chat Network
This site allows members the opportunity to get paid doing video chat. According to their site, they pay on average $100 per hour to video chat. They also offer the chance to participate in some lucrative studies that could earn $100 - $250 per study. Once you sign up they will email you studies to participate in. So you would just have to keep an eye out for studies in your inbox.
Get Additional $25! Use Code: melg  where it says "referred by".

3. Grab Points
You can earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or you can request to have money sent to your paypal. Gift cards are good for Amazon, Bestbuy, Walmart and more. You will be required to download an app to your mobile device.You earn points by doing fun and easy activities such as watching videos, taking surveys and more.

4. Udemy Teach
This is a free platform for users to provide online courses for a fee. You can create video instructions on any topic or field in which you are most knowledgeable. For example if you like to cook, you can create a cooking series of videos and invite students to purchase your course on udemy. You can set your price from $20-$200.

5. Fiverr
This is an amazing platform that allows you to preform gigs or task and earn unlimited income!
Simply sign up for free  and create your gig profile. You can sell any services of your choice as long as it falls into the fiverr platform guild lines. You can charge $5-$100 per gig to clients and customers.

6. Turo
This site allows car owners the ability to earn money renting out their cars!
You can sign up using google, facebook or your regular email and list your car for rent in your area. Your earning varies and depends on the make of your car and how many times a month you rent it. On average car owners make 6k-12K a year renting out their vehicle.

7. Darwin Data
This site pays you $25 per survey you complete. The $25 tango card is issued to you to use at various retailers such as Target, Itunes, Macy's, Starbucks, Home depot etc. They have up to 48 retailers in which you can spend your tango card.

8. KDP Amazon
You can use this platform to write and submit ebooks to sell online to make a profit.
You can write about any topic of interest and set your ebook price. If you are not much of a writer you can hire someone with sites such as fiverr (use fiverr link posted on this list for $5 credit) to write a short ebook.

10. Ebates Referral Program
You can earn good many by signing up to Ebates and utilizing their refer a friend program.
They will also grand you up to $75 bonuses for each friend that signs up and utilize their online platform to shop. When your friend signs up they will earn a bonus to put towards their initial purchases. Free Ebates Sign Up

11. Tradesy
You can sell used women's clothing on this site as long as it is clean. They do not have a restriction on brand names. You simply take a picture of the clothes you are selling and ship it out. The company pays for all shipping cost. You can also quote your price for your items and make 91% of the item! Get A $20 Coupon Sent To Your Email

I have participated in a few of these sites and have gotten paid. These are great for students, moms, dads anyone looking to earn some side income. If you are able to master them you can reach your goal in earning $100 a day! So Go For It!

Current Studies Now Open:
Skin Condition Study $100
Grocery Shopping Study $200
Meal Occasion Study $250

More Ways To Earn $50 To $100 A Day!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

4 Ways To Earn Driving With Uber!

What Is UBER?

Uber Technology Inc.. is an online company through America's global transportation network based in San Francisco, California. It develops, markets and operates mobile Uber "application", which allows customers with smartphones to send a request for the trip, the software automatically sends Uber driver closer to the customer. Uber drivers use their personal vehicles. In August 2016, the service is available in more than 66 countries and 507 cities around the world. Uber app automatically calculates the fare and transfers pay to the driver. Since the release of Uber, several other companies are replicated its business model, which is a trend that has become known as "Uberification.”

                              4 Ways To Make Money With UBER

With Uber, you have the freedom to set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want. Uber drivers come from all fields and backgrounds so you do not need special skills, just a driver's licence a vehicle and desire for freedom and independence. Uber can create a unique situation for everyone. Many are familiar with making money with Uber by using their vehicle to pick up and transport passengers but that is just one way of making money with Uber. Let us explore the various ways you can earn even more money using Uber!

1. Be A UBER driver for hire
Uber started out as a cheap alternative to taking a cab or public transportation. Now it is one of the more convenient way to get around. As a Uber driver, you can earn money by Signing up as a Uber driver and downloading the app on your phone . Once you sign up for Uber as a partner request can begin pouring in immediately same day.Once you accept you will get at lease 70-80% of the total cost of driving. The cost is based on the amount of X and X amount per mile per minute in the car. It varies from city to city.

2. Referral Bonus
This is one of the most lucrative opportunities to make money from Uber as a driver.
While referral requirements differs based on City and subject to change. I most recently read $300 up to $ 1,400 for a person to enroll by your referral and after a certain amount of travel required by your referral.

3. UBER Eats
Uber Eats is another way to supplement your income using Uber. During slow or low demand for Uber trips, it could be an option for you. Uber will have dishes prepared to deliver on-demand or request to look for food in local restaurants, and deliver them.
You will receive a basic salary per hour (13 dollar) and $3 for delivery.
You can drive your car to deliver food or deliver around town with your bike. Currently Uber Eats is only available in some countries.

4. UBER Rush
They have also created Uber Rush for  delivery of packages at the touch of a button. You can earn additional income as a delivery driver via car or bike for local businesses. Uber Rush Sign Up.

Benefits of working with UBER
Summary of Benefits
• Insurance, health and wellness
• Financial and Retirement
• Holiday and Leisure
• Benefits and Discounts
• Support Professional
                            To Sign up with UBER  
Visit Uber website to register. Then download the Uber app from App Store (iPhone) or Play (Android) and follow and complete the steps to create an account.

Sign On Bonus Available For Limited Time For New Drivers!


There are many ways to earn money through the Uber platform as you can see. Uber is continuing to grow and expand and in doing so opening up more ways for drivers to earn money. Now is the time to jump in and get your piece of the action!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

10 Work At Home Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

Happy work from home,

So you are a parent with young child/children and need to find legitimate ways to earn an income from home.You are also wondering if it is possible to find work online that offer you flexibility and freedom.You don't want to make pocket change, but would prefer work that will bring in a decent salary a month. If you are a stay at home mom the following opportunities  may be just what you are looking for. Yes, you can work at home and be there for your children at the same time. Below is a list of scam free and legit ways to earn money from home.

Work At Home Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

Data Entry Specialist
These are a list of companies that offer data entry positions that offer you flexible work schedule.
You will be able to pick your hours. These opportunities pay per minute as you type. You can make a decent income and many offer to pay on a weekly basis.

Transcription Specialist
Transcribing is another great way to make money from home. If you can type and listen to audio at the same time, you can earn good money. This will offer a lot of flexibility to work when you want.
Transcribers simply listen to various audio files and type word for word.

Search Engine Evaluators
If you are good at searching the web and have computer skills then you can become a work at home Search Engine Evaluator. This job consist of entering terms in search engine and record the results and suggest improvements. This is type of work pays well and offer lots of flexibility.

Website Testers
If you love browsing the web at home, give feed back and can speak English, then website testing would be a great area to explore. Website Testers get paid up to $10 per website.This is a great way to earn extra income and work a flexible schedule.

If you desire a bit more freedom and flexibility as a stay at home mom, you may want to venture into a career writer. There are numerous opportunities available for freelance writers. You can write for blogs, websites and various organizations.

Online Tutor
If you have educational training in fields such as English, math and science you can provide tutoring service online. Even if you have no skills or certification you can still provide tutoring services online in your chosen field or expertise. You can work part time as in most cases you control when you are available to provide service.

Mock Juror
This is a unique opportunity that allows you to evaluate court cases from home. You will need to transport to your local court house from time to time. This is one way to earn  extra cash on the side.

Online Chat Agent
If you are a stay at home mom who desire to work as a customer service online but prefer to do non phone work, you can opt to do online chat. Online chat agents assist customers online via live chat. These opportunities a great for those if you have noisy back grounds.

Customer Service Agents
These customer service based companies are great for stay at home moms because many offer part time and flexible hours. They do require that you have a noise free background. For this, you may need to get a noise cancellation headset and schedule your time around your child's nap time

Virtual Assistant
Great for stay at home moms who would like freedom, independence and control. Virtual Assistants provide services in areas such as data entry, proof reading, typing, writing, setting appointments and more. You can work as an independent VA or opt to work directly for a company that outsources VAs.

It can be a challenge for stay at home moms to find a balance between work and caring for their children. Just as it can be difficult to work out side your home and having to pay for day care. Fortunately  work from home jobs are now on the rise giving them plenty of options that fit their skills and interests, best of all allowing them more quality time with their young children.

10 Tips On Avoiding Scams

Monday, September 19, 2016

Go Transcript Now Hiring Transcribers! (Full Overview)

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I receive many request for data entry related work such as transcription opportunities with legit companies. Ideally one that offers flexibility, International work, offering entry level to little experience and pays via Paypal. For many who are looking for the perfect transcription or typing opportunity it can become very challenging when searching online to find a company that offer all the perks without getting scammed.
Go transcript offers a great platform for those looking to break into transcribing or for those who would like to put their typing skills to good use and make good money.
Read more about this company below!

Who Is Go Transcript?

Go Transcript is a legit company that hire native English Speakers  to work from home in the US and internationally. They work with multiple companies and businesses across the globe that are in need of audio and video transcription. They provide a steady stream of work.

Work Hours Available?

As a freelance transcriber you have the ability to choose when you want to work. Go Transcript offers part time or full time scheduling. They boast of having a steady stream of projects for their freelancers.

Benefits Of Working For The Company?

The benefits you will enjoy are flexible hours, ease of working independently, get paid on a weekly basis and you get paid via Paypal or Payoneer. For many that is a plus. If you do not have Paypal, it is free and easy to sign up. Because this is similar to contract position they do not offer medical or health benefits and you will have to take care of your own taxes.

Special Skills or Experience?

Go transcript do not require applicants to have experience or special skills. Although, it will be highly beneficial if you can type at a fast rate of speed with accuracy.

Pay Rate?

Go Transcript pays 0.20-0.60 per audio or video minute. Their average transcribers working part time make $150 per month. The topic earners make $1215 per month. First time applicants will receive a $5 bonus upon signing up through invite link.

Equipment Needed?

You are only required to have an update windows  computer with internet access. They provide all the online tools needed to complete the job.

Employee or IC?

Go Transcript hires you as a freelancer. You will be considered an IC ( Independent Contractor).

Hiring Outside US?

Go Transcript hires agents globally.

How To Apply?

To apply follow steps:

1. Click Here  (Link give you a $5 sign on bonus)
2. Fill out basic information to create an account.
3. Then take the test provided at your convenience
4.  Submit  test upon completion.

*The test consist of transcribing a sample video provided.

They will notify you within 10 days on your application status once you submit your test.


Go transcript provide a professional platform for their clients and transcribers to connect.
Although you must have some experience in typing, not much is required to get started.
This is a great way to get your foot in the door if you are interested in being a transcriptionist and working your own schedule. This opportunity will provide you with freedom and the reward of doing something you can be proud of.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

10 Fun Ways Teens Can Make Money Online

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I have received a few request from my ambitious teen audience to find online work that is legit and fun. There is a world of opportunity now opening up online for people of almost all ages to make money using computer or mobile device.These are some legit sites that you can get involved with. You can have fun and pass the time while making extra cash. Below are 10 online opportunities and ways for teens to earn some extra cash online.

10 Fun Ways Teens Can Make Money Online

1. Take Surveys Online-
Earn rewards, cash and gift cards. They pay via, Pay pal or check. Ages 12+


MySurvey (13 and up)

Kidz Eyes (12 and up)

Panel Polls ( kids 6-17)

PollBuzzer Panel (13 and up)

E-Poll (13 and up)

Toluna (13 and up)

Harris Poll (13 and up)

2. Freelance Online Jobs 
For writers, artist, musicians, design etc. 


3. Tutoring Online

Enroll (15 and up)

4. Sell Products Online

Etsy (Account holder must be 18 and older)

5. Get Paid To Listen To Music

Slice the Pie (13 and up)

6. Get Paid To Watch Videos, Search Web, Play games and More!

Swagbucks (13 and up)

Cash Crate (13 and up)


7. Get Paid To Write Articles


8. Get Paid For Your Mobile Device Pictures

9. Customer Service Jobs


10. Sell Your Likes And Retweets

 My Likes (13 and up)

These are the most popular and fun ways to make extra cash if you are a teen.
Although opportunities can be very limited due to age, the best way to start earning cash is
to get very creative! Some of the sites may require you to be 18 and older in order to register and hold an account. You can have your parents look over the opportunities with you to help you make the right decision. Once they agree, you can start earning money through many online sites through your parents or guardians account.

 If you are a parent looking for online opportunities for a teen, I hope this list was most helpful in giving you  some great ideas for yourself and your child!

Top 50 Work At Home Companies You Should Work For!

Happy Work From Home

Top well known companies are now jumping on the band wagon in terms of hiring agents to work from the convenience of their home. This benefit the company as well as those looking for work at home jobs that offer convenience, independence, flexibility and are legit.

Below I have compiled and listed the best work at home companies currently out there. The list include companies that have the best ratings by employees and contract workers. You will find various positions such as Customer Service, Sales, Medical, IT, Tech Support, Writers, Administrative etc. that will utilize your skills, talents and expertise. Some of the companies include big well known companies such as Apple, IBM and United Health Group.

50 Best Work At Home Companies To Work For

This list was gathered based on FlexJobs annual list of Top 100 List Of Top Remote Jobs article. I only list the first 50 so that you are not
overwhelmed. For a full list you can visit Flexjobs website

Please contact each company individually for further information on open positions.

  1. LiveOps
  2. TeleTech
  3. Amazon
  4. Sutherland Global Services
  5. UnitedHealth Group
  6. Dell
  7. IBM
  8. U.S. Department of Agriculture
  9. Working Solutions
  10. Humana
  11. Aetna
  12. Intuit
  13. Kaplan
  14. Kelly Services
  15. Cactus Communications
  16. Westat
  17. Salesforce
  19. CyberCoders
  20. American Express
  21. VMware
  22. SAP
  23. Xerox
  24. First Data
  25. US-Reports
  26. Oracle
  27. CACI International
  28. A Place for Mom
  29. Anthem, Inc.
  30. Dell SecureWorks
  31. World Travel Holdings
  32. ADP
  33. Aon
  34. University of Maryland University College
  35. Allergan Inc
  36. K12
  37. U.S. Department of Transportation
  38. CSI Companies
  39. Robert Half
  40. Nielsen
  41. Red Hat
  42. Adobe Systems
  43. Overland Solutions, Inc.
  44. BCD Travel
  45. Connections Education
  46. Deloitte
  47. Apple
  48. McKesson Corporation
  49. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  50. Precyse

The companies that tend to hire most regularly and specific career fields:
  1. Computer and IT: Dell, IBM, Apple
  2. Medical and Health: UnitedHealth Group, Aetna, Cigna
  3. Sales: American Express, Appen, GE
  4. Administrative: Kelly Services, Healthfirst, McKesson
  5. Customer Service: Sutherland Global Services, Amazon, LiveOps
  6. Education and Training: Connections Academy, K12, Kaplan
  7. Marketing:, HD Supply

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